Riders ink ends ... watch out DD

Apparently Fred Perry has been ignored. Dave Dickinsons career should be over but he has new life with the Stamps. But not for long as Sask re-signed emerging monster John Chick. The team also signed a young d-lineman(Barron Pullum, MVSU) to push Markus "Chunky" Adams. Dave better keep his head up and his chin tucked or he's gonna get Chick'n'Chunkied for the last time, they might even 'Pullum'.


Pullum's a defensive end. The only way he's gonna challenge Chunky for anything is if the two of them play ping pong in the locker room.

You don’t have to tell me man. At times I ignored others and just watched Chunky flying around for fun. Can you say…TOO MANY BACONATORS??? LOL…jk. But he did line up at end several times(like in a reg. season Calgary game at Mosaic where Burris pump faked him, continued to roll out and hit a wide open Nik Lewis right in from of me for 45yds.) and Estay said that he’ll compete for the outside position with the absence of Perry, and the presence of an emerging Luc Mullinder inside with Shultzy. I know we also have DE Z. Ville and I don’t think Kyle Mitchell has re-signed but we’ll probably have him as well. And Chunky is the champ at pong so you know there will be battles!


I think the only time he played end would have been in 3 linemen sets, and probably before Chick became a regular. I hope they just leave him at tackle - he's waaay too big now to do anything at end.

No way Chunky will play at end. To be honest I would like to see some more competition at tackle position to push Chunky. Chunky played okay however I just don't think he will ever be a top tier defensive tackle.

Um I believe he was released after his first start with us, he also appears to be a free agent according to the CFL site.

bahahaahahaha ... have you seen him? Looks like x-mas is every weekend at his place.


quit making fun of Big Freaky, hes one of coolest playrs around!

Poor Dave Dickenson won't even see it coming either, he'll be too busy holding the clipboard on the sidelines and then.... BAM!

Poor guy :frowning:

So, if I understand this Thread correctly, Burris will have the Stamps so far ahead of the Riders each time they meet, that Dave Dickenson will be having some playing time.

Geez Kel, don’t sell your team short so early before the season starts! :wink:

Could be. But Burris is only one endzone pick away from a full-boiled QB controversy. And, if history is any judge, he does not respond well to pressure from his no. 2.

Hank'll be a healthy non-starter at least once this year by week 12.

Ahahahaha...good one. I did hear earlier this winter that they were anticipating a pretty significant battle in camp for the starting pivot role. That being said, DD is only getting older and he sure doesn't have the mobility Burris does. Does anyone else see that Burris tries too hard, sometimes at the expense of his body? We might see Dave a lot sooner than anyone imagines.



Wishful thinking again hey Kel, You keep hugging the Burris poster will you. Your source must be from the senile association.

The same one that said Hunt was going to Winnipeg.