Riders Injury Report: Ed Gainey limited in Day 1 session

TORONTO — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have shared their first injury report ahead of their game against the BC Lions on Friday night in Vancouver.

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For crying out loud! M. Reilly is still listed as limited on the injury report? Get serious!!! After the last two games he is not performing like an injuried QB. Who are the Lions trying to fool?
What's next? Lucky Whitehead listed as DNP for the rest of the practises? Come On Campbell there should be some 'TRUTH IN SPORTS" !!

LOL, Stampeder fan. Sorry about your team, sport.

He probably really was limited.

Of course he has been limited. Each week in practice Michael is not taking full reps because of the elbow ok. It’s good to limit him if needed and helps for games. It also doesn’t hurt our young back up to work with the first team.