Riders injuries don't matter?

It is interesting during the game last night Walby sort of hinted that some teams may not have legitimate injuries (i.e. they are using the injury reserve to protect players).

The question would then be of Saskatchewan’s players which were being protected on injured reserve list.

Probably anyone who has an injury listed as undisclosed. I suspect Drew Tate is perfectly healthy, but the Riders don't want to risk losing him.

Drew Tate comes to mind.....

They say great minds think alike... unfortunately I don't think I fall into that category :wink:

Fools never differ?
But I can't think of anyone on the Riders list that might be suspect cough Drew Tatecough* Brian Jones** cough.

Never under estimate stupid people in large numbers Arius :wink:

Did he just call us stupid? :? :lol:

Hanging around these forums, it would be dangerous to underestimate the stupidity of anybody....
Fortunately, by holding sporting events and making people pay to watch them, we keep most of them off the steets once every two weeks....


...just playin'.... 8)

lol, was just about to ask why you threw a boat out in the middle of the desert.

EDIT: now my post makes no sense :slight_smile:

Decided it needed to be nowhere near the thread anyway....it's gone, Dust. lol

And your post makes perfect sense to me!! :lol:

Well I kinda did...gave Dust the choice...it would then be all 3 of us his desert dingy then...

I take offense to the dingy comment, it was at least a row boat.

I am completely confused by now...but shall we compromise on a skiff?

If I was having a worse day I would be honest and say no since I have no idea what a skiff is.

But seeing as the game has left me in a such a good mood, and I got off work early today, I will compromise on your skiff.

I'm not rowing any oars, or doing any other work on this water-device.....

Seeing as it's in the middle of the desert, probably a good idea.

...girl's got brains...

We will be satisfied with your fine company...gets lonely in the desert...

Besides, a skiff is a sailing vessal...no oars...we may need wheels....