Riders injuries don't matter?

I'm sick of reading not just on here but all over different sites that the riders do have alot of injuries but no players that matter. Has anyone heard of eddie davis? He's only the captain of our defense and it should last nite against edmonton that we need him in there as for the first half our rookie corners (expecially lance fasier) got burnt consistantly and often. With davis in there different game. Ya and have Jurineak, Mitchell and Adams back on the front four and Mr. Ray wouldnt have time to get the ball out of his hands. Sure we havent had an injury to the QB but still our injuries are still hurting our performance.

Yes the Riders do have some significant injuries, but the thing is , we are winning without them in the lineup. We have the personnel that are good enough to play when called upon, so I dont really see what the gripe is-- we are in first place, so enjoy it!

no I fully agree its just my way of replying to people saying that our injuries are insignificant. I have had season tickets for 19 years and wasnt alive when the riders were last 6 and 2 and can only wait when were fully healthy....

Part of the reason we aren't hearing much about them is because Kent isn't preaching or whining to the media about them. He has said he doesn't care who is in there, he expects them to play at a high level. Injuries are a part of the game, the good teams battle through them and show their depth.

Just don't tell Danny Macoccia he got beat by a team that has more injured players than his :wink:

It's not the number of players injured, it's the quality. 5 loonies are still worth more than 19 nickels.

Do you get that whine by the case?
God I hope the Lions can get healthy because then you would be left with nothing to say....

8 starters off hand and 2 all stars in that group sounds like quality and quantity to me.

Just for you RLR...

Enjoy 2nd place :wink:

Be careful what you wish for. That healthy Lions squad did what to your beloved Riders in last year's Western Final?

Enjoy first place, it only comes about once every two decades :wink:

All your lions would have to do to stay in contention is find a couple of QB's that arent made out of glass and get there bell wrung when perry hits them (clean hit by the way)

the riders are doing okay, but think it about it, they beat edmonton in high scoring games twice, and edmonton was never known for defense, edmonton's defence could get scored on by high powered cis teams.

Oh don't worry, I am :wink:

It's not about where you are 8 games in, it's where you finish :wink:

Second place and dropping like a stone!
Get healthy, don't get healthy.
Just shut up already.

I'll apologize for that right away, but god almighty....give me strength...

God's going to need to give you strength after the Lions repeat this year with a half-healthy squad. You may be permanently hospitalized.

That was a joke by the way, the hospitalized part. But if we do in fact repeat, which I expect we will, than you may want to take a break from these forums for a while.

Should I go and dig up all your posts where you had nothing to say but "5-0"?

Most of us sensible people realize the CFL season is a marathon not a sprint, but with the depth our squad has shown and the effort given so far, I like the pace they have set for this marathon :slight_smile:

Anyways, I will apologize in advance for what I expect to be some additional Rider trolls on here in the near future.

Riders are in good shape, there's no denying that. But as all of us Lions fans can attest to, all it takes is one hit to your starting QB (and second string QB) to make a promising season turn to one of mere survival.

This is why on another thread, when you posted about Lion injuries you immediately got trashed over it.
Your not even very subtle.
You post about injuries--it means you are going to whine about injuries.
You haven't made a useful contribution to the forums since...since....well maybe never.
All you do is whine and complain and talk trash.
I rescind my apology!

I hope you are happy when you get the few "nickels" you are missing back on your roster.

Those "nickels" helped us do what to your Riders last playoffs? And what in the Grey Cup? You better go back to your superstitions and rituals that you had in 1988, you're going to need them. If you can think back that far.

Whine and complain.