Riders in Saskatoon

Does anybody else think that the Riders should relocate to Saskatoon? The reason i think this is because if they were in S’toon, they would be alot more centralized in Saskatchewan. This way alot more people could go to the game, like people from Prince Albert for example. I bet there would be alot more sellouts too, which would mean no more blackouts! :smiley: I was looking forward all week to watching the riders woop edmonton but then it was blacked out…

People from Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Estavan, Weyburn, and Regina would not be going as much. Regina is a central as Sask gets.

Ya I agree Regina has quite a few surrounding cities that it can draw fans from. Saskatoon dosn't really have any surrounding cities, do they?

OK, Regina is centralized in Saskatchewan. It is only 2 hours from Saskatoon and is closer than Saskatoon to many of the major centres including Moose Jaw, Yorkton, Estevan, Weyburn and so on.

PS, if you want to watch the Rider games then pony up some dough and make the trip to Regina. I get so tired of people complaining of black-outs when they could come and help us fill the seats.

PPS, you missed ONEHELLUVAGAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also don't think that you would get the crowd for the Labour Day Classic, it's only what 5 hrs from Wpg but it takes 8 to get to 'Toontown. I don't think you would get as many Bomber fans like you do in Regina. Besides, there is a lot of history at Taylor Field, I don't think the club would turn their backs on that.

There is only 300 season ticket holders in Saskatoon. 90% of season ticket holders are in Regina. I doubt they could get that up to 13,000 which is what they would need to even begin supporting a team. Don't get me wrong, like most Regina citizens, I love Saskatoon and think it would be great if we could share the team somehow, but I don't think it is worth taking away 95 years of Rider football from Regina. The formula works right now, lets run with it.

Plus, where would Saskatoon find $80 million for a stadium? People in Saskatchewan would freak out if the Government wanted to pay for a new stadium.

300?? i find that hard to believe. All I know is that highway is pretty packed on game day

I checked with the ticket office. There are about 400 season ticket holders in Saskatoon. That is still pretty good considering the distance.

Since I'm a Rider fan for this week, I'm going to say something on this topic. Don't worry, this is the only time I'm doing this.

Riders in Saskatoon? As much as I'd love to see the CFL in the toon (I cheer for their CJFL AND CHL teams, no kidding, no bet invoted, GO HITTOPS AND BLADES!!!), I think there are many more people around Regina than the Toon, plus their are unknow Riders fans just south in Montana who need to wake up and come to a few games. Plus, Regina has Talor Field, Saskatoon has not.

Maybe soon time in the future Saskatoon will get a CFL team of it's own, but it willn't get the Riders.


(BTW, I vote "NO" in the Poll)

After just witnessing one of the biggest home victories in a long time.....I opened the Saskatoon Star Phoenix sports section to discover The Rider Victory News buried on the SECOND page... Behind the Blades Hilltops and Huskies filling out the rest of the page.

Sorry to burst your bubble but a City with 220,000 2.5 hours away can only send 400 fans thats pretty sad....the only way Saskatoon & its sports media would ever support a team if it was the Saskatoon Roughriders...When I lived in Regina I supported the team but since moving to Saskatoon I am on 24hr call so Its near impossible for me to attend :frowning:

coming from a person in PA saskatoon would be nice but no towns around like everyone else is saying and the 4 hours to get down there makes the trip fun expecally when u have a car, van, truck full of rider fans

i love going to rider games in regina i dont think it would be the same atmosphere if the team moved


Sup Wildey?

There's more than 400 season ticket holders in Saskatoon. It's a simple problem of a lot of people that live in Saskatoon ( myself included ) that have family in Regina, which the season tickets are addressed to. There's way more than 400 people on the highway up to every game. If I took a guess i'd say probably 1500 people drive up for every home game from Saskatoon.

This will never happen...should not happen.

I live in Saskatoon and am sure that the team would have a tough time surviving here. Saskatoon has a long history of not supporting teams through tough times and had the Riders been here from the start, we would have lost them through the early 80's.

WILL NEVER HAPPEN!! And Shame on you for even thinking it! Regina is the home town for the Riders, plain and simple! Does Saskatoon have a stadium that will hold 30,000 people? A lot more sellouts? If they move there then you would probably get 25% less fans cause now you are missing MJ, Regina, and the others that usually come in for the games.


WHY so they can get buried in the Saskatoon Sports page behind the Huskies, Hilltops and Blades??