Riders in Ottawa

When do the Riders arrive in Ottawa? (Are they already here?)
I want to see their practice.
If you know, let me know…

ST is crapping the bed yet again and for some reason our secondary is being shred. We will see if Fajardo can get the w here.

Well, 41 points, that’s better than the craps we’ve been watching for the past 3 years, boring defense.

Disappointing showing by the defense tonight. With the amount of cap spent there its disgraceful they allowed 44.

Fajardo was great in there. Confident and accurate.
Thought the Defense calls/schemes were fairly passive. Not the Gusto like last season.
But good game, could of used a win though

They got absolutely KILLED on play action the whole first half. That settled down in the second half, but all in all, Sask D-line lost to Ottawa’s o-line, despite the 4 sacks. Just too much time to throw. Liked the back end. Means was good, Gainey good, Judge was good, even Marshall had good position all night, was pushed off twice (not called) and made a great play to break one up that was called complete.

Agree that the special teams was not sharp.

Not happy with Makana Henry. That was a dumb 15 yards at a bad time.

Davis waited for pressure and then simply stepped through it as the MLB just kept being schemes to roll. Hope that us not the defensive strategy for long

Was very happy with how Fajardo played tonight. Was an exciting game to watch. Although they lost, I have a better feeling about the team’s future this year than last. Last year it seems like a lot of those wins were lucky. Two of the wins last year were against Winnipeg when Nichols had zero confidence. I don’t think Collaros played a game as well as Fajardo did last night all year, even if he had lots of wins.

Exactly, now if they can get some defensive pressure , they could be alright.

I thought the OC …MacAdoo….really opened up his offense and change of schemes. He seems to have a lot of confidence in CF and the offense as a whole