RIDERS IN LAST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner.

Man does the Rider D ever S_UCK!!

They've gotta be ranked last in the league.

It's too bad there wasn't a category for ugliest D lineman, cause fat old Nate Davis would have it sealed up.

Riders D gives up 43 points on average a game. Damn! You've gotta have a high powered offence to compensate for that short coming!

on the flip side:

calgary is in first and dominated...bc and edmonton better be scared!

Hard to argue with that.....D needs some work.....

...what happened to the Riders in the dressing room at the half....did they get an inspiring visit from the Shiv....man what a bad second-half...cowboys on the other hand looked like a contender.. :expressionless:

All joking aside. This D used to be decent. I think it's time for a coaching change in Riderville. They've had enough player changes.

Fire Barette and shake things up!!!

All I've got to say about this is - booya.

With the players the Riders have, there is no reason they should be giving up as many points as they do. Something else is going on, and my bet is it starts with Shiv and Barrett.....I've said it for two years and I'll keep saying it until it happens - they've got to go.....the sooner the better.

I think Barret and Shivers have been given a bit too much time now, what is it 6 or 7 years. The offence is now looking decent at moving the ball. But the defence suques! You won't win football games giving up an avg. of 41 pts. per game!

By the way did I mention that the LAST place Riders better watch out now? I doubt they'll ever creep out of LAST place now. :smiley:

Nooo kidding. How come the coaches on all the other teams have such short leashes? Does Barrett have pictures of Shivers with goats or something?

only one problem with that EE, no one to replace him with, with the performance today, none of theRider assistant coaches deserve to be a head coach in this league.

Make Dave Ritchie an offer.

Or Jim Daley.. I hear he's good.


...or maybe Greg Marshall in Ham. ....he;s rumoured to be available soon...no seriuosly...the offensive weapons Riders have ..don't seem to be utilized properly....and like it or not....their 'd' is slipping...just my thought.. :roll:

Shivers has been an absolute clown for years.

Barret just doesn't seem to be that inspiring a coach.

I think the problem at this point in not talent but coaching and management in general.

.....not sure what you're getting at with the Paopao in Saskatchewan connection, since he's not here and all.....but I agree with the Barrett and Shivers comments.



No biggie, Dragoon.....the rest of it was right up my alley..... :wink:

What are you stupid George Cortez ring a bell!

No kidding. Cortez was the best offensive coordinator we ever had. You wanna see your team start to rack up some real points?