Riders in First after 10 weeks!

after a big whooping on the Bombers, the Riders have jumped into first place, due to their win over Calgary..

good job boys!

And we could easily be in last if we lose our next 2. The west is too tight to be boasting about sitting in 1st right now.

Gotta be hard in the west division lol. So easy to go first to worst. Always a log jammed division.

i'm not bragging, i'm just happy for them!

...no please, keep bragging, it'll look good on you in a few weeks...

What are you talking about, red? They face Edmonton the next two weeks. I predict a four-game winning streak.

Ahhh a disgruntled fan, come to Winnipeg, we shall drink :slight_smile:

Is there enough liquor in Manitoba? :lol: