Riders in Calgary

There are still 1000 tickets left yet a McMAHON staduim for those interested in going to the game. Tickets can be purchased by phoning stamps ticket office at 403-289-0258 or ticketmaster at403-777-0000. If we win, or should I say when we win in Saskatchewan this will be the deciding game for 1st place in the west.

I'm only going if they serve beer in cans.

I guess Calgary fans don't understand Rider pride and passion. Doesn't it bring a tear to your eye to know that you have enough fans at an opposition park to annoy the fans, and the players.

I wonder how many of those rider fans that he is talking about actually live IN Calgary…? and therefore are acting as much Calgarians as they are Rider fans?

Hmmm......I wonder if I can get a cheap flight to Calgary on Monday....

If Saskatchewan would play BC once more this year, yes, then, I would agree with you. I'm not sure what BC's schedule is like, but Calgary plays Saskatchewan once more. The loser of the Thanksgiving game probably gets third in the west, while the winner battles BC for first.