Riders in 1st place with best looking new uniforms

They look sharpe

I have no problem as a special event uniform, definitely different. The Argos unis look really sharp.

Hideous, comical, like looking at a train wreck. Buy hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder right.

Die hard rider fan here. When I watched the rider game yesterday, every time I seen a close up, a little verse kept going through my head from an old commercial "Ho,ho ho....Green giant".

I am sorry but with the helmet also done up it was too much.

Not a big fan personally. They looked better on TV than live in person though.

They said it was too obvious to go all black like BC did. I think that would look good, black with neon green.

So they came up with something completely different. Selling a ton of them. I like them only if they are worn twice a year, I like the others better. I'd go for the black thigh. BCs looks great.

Twice a year is too much. I can live with once a year.

What is with the Green Design on the Helmets they say it's wheat? Looks more like Jamaican Grass Man!!

You must be seeing the world in watermelon coloured glasses :lol:

I can’t.

NEVER EVER AGAIN. Not negotiable.

Wow you must be an old guy, I haven’t heard “sharp” when talking about looks since the 70’s.
The problem with the Riders uniform is the colour. I don’t think I would buy any green shirt or pants.
I just figured out that the little symbols on the uniform is actually potash, good advertising by Mosaic

I’m on board with this. The worst part was trying to decipher numbers.

YUP!!! And here they are 8) :roll:direct from Riderville !!! :wink:


all you need is a tin cup and pencils and maybe a harmonica,if you think those uni’s look “Sharpe” :? :lol: :cowboy:

Wheat you say ... Fire the graphic artist on that job. everyone watching at BP's thought that they were wearring watermelons on their heads - EPIC FAIL! :thdn:


Loved the Riders uni's only thing Id change is to go from those black pants to white ones, the black pants didn't seem to work with the whole green wheat look.

I love them where do I pick myself up a pair . Would be perfect for those rainy days in Vancouver