Riders in 1st place in the ugliest uniform contest

Riders used to have decent uniforms but those new uniforms are embarrassing. How did they manage to get the players to wear them. Maybe they should have added some pink to their lime green and speckles! I give them credit they stand out Much like the guy walking down the road with purple spiked spikes hair and a large nose ring.

What are those things they're wearing. Design winner from a primary school contest? Wow.... just wow.

Lancaster be turning over in his grave

The price of cigarettes now a days has that effect on Lancaster's corpse

I'm wondering if they're made of actual alligator skin, or if it's just a design? Very convincing either way.

Yes, they're ugly. All of these new Reebok jersey's are going to be hideous. Let's just hope they stay as third jersey's and don't make their way into the full rotation.

They look like 80's Sprite bottles.

.....What's wrong with the new uniform??The speckles and spackles make the helmets look just like watermelons...Now the players can really draw a special closeness to the fans wearing them in the stands.... :lol:

I like the uniform wouldnt mind seeing that one as an official one down the road, I think white pants would look better though

My hope is that this is the only time they wear them this season... the look on the helmet is supposed to represent a wheat sheaf, not watermelon.

I thought they were wearing watermelons. If the league thought it would be making money on the sales of these unis it might be in for a let down. The riders look like a bunch of fat canker worms standing up.

Burn these atrocious duds from planet Xanthrox!

... and boycott Reebok

Not judging by the line-up to their store they were showing last night. I think it will be a big seller especially with female fans.

Hey, women have always been a better judge of style than I ever was so I guess we'll see.

Same fans who wear actual watermelons on their heads. Just sayin'.

The jerseys actually aren't absolutely horrible. The helmets, on the other hand....

Quite frankly, I've barfed nicer looking things than those.

for me, it is not so much that the uniforms are ugly but that they are not, in my mind, sask rider uniforms.

Ya, Ugliest uniform in the CFL would have been one title I wish we would not have taken from the Lions (who also have one of the sharpest with the gunmetal, but frankly Orange only seems to look right on the Flyers).

Busy uniforms usually come out looking ugly. My wife's comments was "They look like Leprechauns with water melons on their heads" (and she didn't know anything about the watermelon thing. I told her it was wheat chaff. She looked at me like I was an Alien LOL !

I know more than a few people that like them, but I don't know why... it seems that a younger generation and women seem to like it more... we had a big debate about it watching the game last night... even the colour of the pants... some said they were blue, others said black... but they were gray(odd looking ones at that)... but then I saw that they were charcoal... so that explains the appearance of them being black...

Hideous comes to mind. I actually couldn't believe my eyes.