Riders host Argonauts eyeing playoff spot

REGINA — A six-game losing streak has turned a clear path to the playoffs into a winding road for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. 

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This is one of those games that the Riders should win….I hate to say. We have nothing to gain. Riders need to win to keep pace with Calgary for the last playoff spot.

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I agree but I also think that Toronto is so much better that, even resting many, will be a better team.
It could end up being a great game.

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Hope so. Domegala is a good QB.

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Not just to keep pace. A loss and the Riders are done for the year.

As you say the Riders should win but so far the rotational sitting by Toronto hasn’t hurt them except in Winnipeg maybe. They are very good and very deep.

I don’t know offhand who Toronto is resting today or whether starters like Kelly will be given limited reps. If I was Dinwiddie I wouldn’t play Kelly more than a half the last two weeks but we’ll see whether smart coaching or player ego wins out.

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Yes. Time will tell.