Riders holding a press conference

Hi all the Riders have just announced Ken Miller is stepping down as head coach. He will stay on as Director of Football Operations.

I will miss Ken as head coach. I thought the respect and class that he brought was shown on the field and win or lose I could always be proud of the way the Riders handled themselves. I'm glad he is still going to be a big part of the Riders.

Wally in BC yesterday, Ken in Sask today...hmm :roll:

Please God Not Doug Barry , I could live with Etch but in a perfect world i want a fresh face who can utilize the talented team we have.

Berry does not fill me with much confidence. Daley, bots to go.

We need some new blood. Try Stampeders OC or DC coaches. :rockin:

This is sad to hear...but at the same time comforting to know that Ken Miller will still be influential--I hope he still has lots of contact with the players and keeps a strong relationship with them! And it's also good to know that he will have a big say as to who is hired to succeed him; he has always appeared to me to be a sound judge of character, highly intelligent and intuitive...he will make the right decision.

thank God Miller knew it was time ,a very nice man but not a great head coach.
please no ex-winnipegers to replace him

If daley gets the job I will cancel my season tickets.
if Berry gets it, I will have to think about it.

I will not support idiocy

If Daley got the job I'd have to burn down the Rider Store.

on call in hour on the radio in Saskatoon a vast number of people felt that Daley should be the next HC. I never heard it, but was told. Apparently there were lots of people who felt that way. I asked if they meant Berry or Hall, and was told no, it was Daley they spoke of.

Scary. Maybe Daley has lots of family and friends in Saskatoon phoning in for him lol

As a head coach he is 28 - 52 lifetime, finished with 5 wins each year except 1997 with the Riders, when he managed 8 wins (granted we did have a grey cup appearance that year), and 1997 was the only year he did not coach his team to last place.

Why is he allowed to be a waterboy for our team. He does not have a record that supports extending his career. If I had a failure rate like that at work, I know I would be blacklisted, and rightfully so.

Dave Dickson is a proven athlete in this league. Wally speaks mountains of him. He worked very closely with Wally while playing for him (winningest coach of all time), helping develop the offense, and play, as well as calling plays. He is also on the sidelines with Huff, another great coach. He has a winning attitude and brings young blood to a team. Not only is he in touch with the game, but has played with or against a lot of these guys, which will help him as he is young and still growing as a coach.

When Kerry J played for the Riders he had his best season ever, and I attribute a lot of that as to having no choice but to listen to and respect Austin because of his legacy. I see Dave and Austin as very similar minds. I pray to god that they look at him. maybe they can bring him in as OC if they promote Berry. If we or the Esks do not snatch him up, he will be HC in BC when wally retires at the end of next year. Personally, I think the Esks will go after him...and in a few years, we will be left with regret.

Defensive minds do not generally have a pile of success as HC, especially in the CFL. I do believe that Marshall may be able to buck that trend, I don't think Hall will. Doug Berry is a capable HC, but has too big of a temper. i think this team would shut down on him. If that happens, this team would be ripped apart and traded away. Chris Jones I just don't know enough about. Many say that if he can be pried away from the Stamps he would make a good HC. Again, a DC, but I don't know too much about him.
In my eyes, if it were me, the 3 men that get a call are Berry, Hall, and Dave. Barring something horrific in the chat, Dave gets the job. Berry stays where he is (if Dave will allow that). Hall is offered a position as assistant DC and special teams coach...he might not take it, but hey, that is all we have room for right now, and it keeps him in the club for future opportunities.

I hear this often, yet the two winningest coaches in CFL history come from a defensive coaching background. The statement is a perception which may be ill-conceived.

I don’t think it is. There are some outstanding coaches that were defensive coaches/players, but the success rate is generally not there. Like I said, I think that Marshall would buck the trend, so I am not opposed to it. Most teams in the CFL win on offense 1st. Of course there are exceptions to that rule, but the general theme to success in the CFL is offense. A good coach is a good coach…doesn’t matter what they coached beforehand, but the overall track record favors the offensive minded.

Someone was pulling your leg..... HARD.

No, I don't think they were. These are not people who joke about football, especially the Riders, and especially to me.

Thinking outside the box - What about Matt Dunigan?
Strong Points:

  1. He’s was a QB - and from his commentary he is a big DD fan.
  2. He has had a long recovery period since his first debacle as a HC.
  3. He’s a big fan of the Rider Nation.
  4. He has an extremely good knowledge base of the rest of the CFL teams from his years in the booth.
  5. He is a fresh face.

If they were listening to the 650 CKOM call in they most assuredly were. Any call that mentioned Daley was to send him packing.

  1. He is an avid supporter of bringing in Canadian talent.

7.Food at Mosaic stadium would be much better. :lol:

  1. They could start serving Gibsons at the game. :smiley: