Riders Hire Matlock..........

Fine - let him voice it. I think this 'reviewing' crap is bush league. Play the game, suck up the losses, and move on. So people get injured (and yes, I realize a lot of Riders have been injured), but worry about getting better and improving your team instead of looking for ways to get everyone else. I'm sick of the whining.

I was at the game and there was a lot of cheap shots on Nate. However I agree with the majority here, the way to handle this isn't complaining to the league - eye for an eye - I say, next game do what ever it takes to knock the guy out of the renegades lineup, after that he'll think twice about the cheap shots.

Ya thats it.
Two wrongs do make a right :?

Thank you ro1313 - that's the point two wrongs don't make a right - in reality I don't actually believe what I posted above but if people claim that what was happening in the game is just football and the Riders shouldn't be complaining to the league then how else do you deal with that stuff. you can't jsut ignore it and if this stuff doesn't get addressed by the league then that's the approach teams will take!!!

I understand that.
The problem is that players do get hurt in football and very very few are deliberate. It is getting to a point now that there is complaining about everything that happens in the game now. There are complaints about deliberate injuries, fake injuries, terrible refs and crooked timekeepers.
If the film that the riders are sending to the league is exactly the same as what was posted on their sight then I feel it is a childish attempt to get attention.

That looks like a cut block to me and quite the cheap shot. It knocked one of our top defensive players out of the game for 6 weeks. I would have sent it in for review too. There is no room in the league for cut blocking.

And to all the people that say cheap shots are part of the game, no they are not they're actually illegal. Just like poking someone in the eyes is illegal, just like clothes lining someone is illegal. And they are made illegal to prevent players from getting injured.

And there is a difference between legally working on an opponents injured arm and illegally going after a player's knees as in this case.

There is not enought film to judge. His could have tripped or bounced off another player or even been blocked into him.
We would have to see 5-6 seconds before the film started to know for sure.

I was at the game, he did not trip, it was intentional.

And you just happened to have been watching him at all times?

I sit 45 rows up and yes I saw that play.

So your position is he happened to trip right into Davis' knees. Or bounce off another player to throw a perfect cut block. Maybe you should look at the video again.

Wow only 45 row plus the distance to the sidelines then to when the play was, figure 65-70 yards, good eyes
I would have been watching the ball but from that video you cant even tell where the ball was

That's fine think that but the video is enough evidence to tell me anyways. He cut him and then tried to grab his ankle afterwards.

How do you bounce off someone and throw a perfect cut block or get pushed into a perfect cut block. And if he tripped it doesn't matter, it's still a cut block then he has to be in control of his body. That's like someone tripping and accidentally grabbing onto a facemask.

Ok, I'll give you the tripping part.
I have seen people pushed into a cutblock

But I still would send it into the league review. One of your top stars is out for six weeks because of an illegal move (in my view) and the league should be aware of cut blocking. Even if they don't do anything to the Ottawa player it makes the league and hopefully the refs aware about cut blocking.

I've got to agree with 1313 here - there is not enough evidence, based on the clip on Riderville, to determine anything. I also don't believe anyone can be sitting 45 rows up and see, with perfect precision, everything that goes on during the game. Hell, I used to sit waaaaaaay closer than that, and I couldn't see everything. Let's just agree that there's not enough evidence on the tape the public gets to see, and wait for the verdict, hmmmm??

The league has to penalize the Unutoa character. If they don't I'm afraid the players just may take matters into their own hands - just like the Moore/Bertuzzi nightmare. A leg for a leg. And why would it be the O lineman? Davis is one of the Riders star players. Why wouldn't they go after Armstead or Ranek? I don't support this vengence, but I can see it happening. The league has to take control of this type of cheap shot play. They did it with Dyson (good ridance!) so they should do the same here.

Here's the thing - the league fines Roy Shivers $1000.00 for making a joke about injuring Burris, so they have an obligation to penalize someone who already has seriously injured one of the league's star players by a cheap shot! It's funny too, when Roy first made the comment, everyone on this forum (other than Rider fans) were jumping down his throat, demanding action against him. Now when a RIDER gets seriously hurt from a cheap shot, all we here is suck it up, it's part of football.

I actually agree with Rockey B the problem is that you cannot fine or disipline a player with out proof. I am not taking any side on the matter because I cannot tell from the video.
Actually I now blame Barette for shooting his mouth off. All he has managed to do is get his players all rilled up and now will possibly be out head-hunting.

I was staring at Davis when the play happened so yes I did see it. And it's easier to see everything that goes on from higher up then it is from closer.
I also believe the video does give enough evidence. The way his body moves shows he is intentionally trying to cut Davis and he does a fine job doing it. Then he tries to grab Davis' ankle afterwards.

And as far as saying cheap shots are part of the game no they're not. When McSorley took that cheap shot at Brashear was that considered part of the game? When a pitcher beans a guy in the head is that part of the game. Injuring a player with an illegal move is never apart of football and never will be and doing so shows a disrepsect for the game of football (by the player).

I disagree, roughyfan, but it's nothing personal. :wink: You can definitely see more, but not more detail. I was not at the game, and therefore I won't pretend I know what preceded the hit - for that reason alone I can't make an objective opinion. However, the way I saw the video I can't see there being enough evidence there for anyone to get a reprimand, let alone a fine or suspension. I'm anxious to see what happens in the end, though. I wish I could see the few seconds that come before, or even a more clear view of the hit. It didn't look like it felt great, at any rate.