Riders Hire Matlock..........

Roughriders seek justice for injured Davis

TSN.ca Staff

8/2/2005 1:21:20 PM

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have asked the CFL to look into an incident in last week's game against the Ottawa Renegades which resulted in an injury to defensive lineman Nate Davis.

The Roughriders claim Renegades guard Morris Unutoa was guilty of a blocking infraction early in the fourth quarter against Davis which left him with strained knee ligaments.

Davis, a league all-star last season, is expected to miss two to six weeks with the injury.

"We're sending in a review to see if something comes of it," said Roughriders head coach Danny Barrett. "Nothing was called during the game, but we've lost a guy for a prolonged period of time."

Unutoa could face a fine or suspension if the league decides to accept Saskatchewan's argument.

Renegades head coach and GM Joe Paopao said he saw nothing illegal after viewing the game films.

............well, of course that's what Joejoe is going to say, duh, but if this is so blatant how come we haven't heard the rider fans screaming for justice?........is Danny grasping for straws?.........

I didn't see that game and am wondering why Rider fans havn't been crying foul. Wait, was this the game that wasn't televised? If someone heard or saw the game was anything mentioned?

Common its football,
As much as I hate to see someone get hurt it is going to happen.
It seems to me that Barret is always filing a protest

this is a joke

.......what, literally or figuratively?..........

c'mon Riders.....quit the griping......it IS a joke.....maybe the Esks. should ask for an investigation into the Hervey leg injury suffered after he did the splits and was tackled....or the menacing dog-like twist of Damon's ankle after Tom Canada tried to rip it off.....what a bunch of crap.....maybe Shivers and the Riders should think twice about saying stuff about ''taking a certain QB'S head off'' as they did earlier in the year. ...it puts bad vibes out there..... hope they're not going to get CISIS involved in this boon doggle.... 8)

[url=http://www.riderville.ca/public_video.php?f_action=gallery_CategoryShow&gallery_id=4&category_id=124]http://www.riderville.ca/public_video.p ... ory_id=124[/url]

Go to the Riderville.ca site under public video, the clip is there. Its the Barret updates Nate injury one, they show the block and the end of the clip.
Judge for yourself.
If you're player says some guy out there is intentionally trying to injure you have to respect that. They are going about it the right way, sending the tape to the league and let them judge. The only joke here is people taking possibility of intentions to injure lighty.

Common that video doesn't show anything.
Yes he hit him at the knee but you cant tell if he was pushed or tripped or bounded off his teamate.
You would need to see the previous 5-6 second before that.

.......that hit looks pretty legit to me......he was extending to block Davis and Davis is moving away from the hit making the contact lower than expected.....man, maybe I'm missing something but I don't see 'intent to injure' written anywhere in that contact........

Like I said judge for yourself. I made no claim of it being some sort of smoking gun.

......thanks for tracking that video down Manage........interesting stuff........should be even more interesting how the league office sees it ......

NP! But I wonder if that's all they sent. Unless they sent some other type of video evidence I can't see the league doing much if anything.

........yeah, I'd agree with that statement.....if that's the extent of Danny's evidence not even Matlock could get a guilty verdict.......

Well that was their first mistake, Matlock was a defense attourney not a prosecutor. I remember a few years back, the bombers had some animal on their oline who consistently went at opposing players knees. There were several complaints from opposing teams filed with the league and eventually he was suspended enough times that the bombers cut him and he never resurfaced in the cfl again. Anyone remember this guys name.

chop-block Dyson...I think ....favourite line from Suitor at the time was....someone get that guy out of the league...he's dangerous...don't think it applys to this situation with Mr. 'niceguy' Davis though... AND.I always liked Matlock better in Mayberry RFD.......

Papazoola... you are right. Dyson was the culprit.

Davis was being held, punched, hacked, and chopped all game. Every other play he was chopped hard, he has every right to be pissed off. That is not good football. That is just one aspect of the game where Paopao has dropped on my respect o' meter. He was pulling all the crap out on Friday. All of the injury timeouts ? what was that. None of those guys were injured. One player went down and was waiting for the trainers to come out. Then a penalty was called against the Riders, so this so-called injured player got up and ran off the field. I was not impressed.

Sorry, Kman, but that crap happens all over the league, and it's happened all year, if you've been paying any attention. Don't put all this on Ottawa.

Part of me thinks maybe it could have been construed as a cheap shot, but isn't that the price you pay for playing a contact sport? Gimme a break. Cheap shots are part of the game, I'm afraid to say.

Cheap shots are common, especially in the trenches.

In the Winnipeg vs. Montreal game, Paul Lambert was back from an elbow injury. The Bombers' d-line made a rotation all night long so there would always be a fresh guy to attack Lambert on the right side (with the injured elbow).

At some point, Lambert saw Joe Flemming in front of him. "What are you doing here?", asked Lambert before the play. "I'm coming to see how your elbow's doing", admitted Flemming.

I never said that it was uncommon that cheap shots happen. Yes, it does happen all the time, I know that. All I said was that those nasty chops were the last straw for Davis and he had every right to get voice his displeasure.