Riders hire Corey Mace as HC


Well, I was hoping for Pierce myself. But, now we need a real number 1 o.c. I’m not sold on muller , I would be looking for someone else to fill that roll. Maybe kahari jones or Lapo. Someone with a lot of experience,. If they would even come here again. Burris, someone who liked to push the ball down the field, not hand off for 1 yard gains all day.


Me too. It’s our Offense that’s broke.
Figures O’Day would get this wrong.


Corey was probably 10 cents cheaper :wink:


Rumour has it that Milanovich and Pierce both said, “No, thanks”, and that Mace was choice #3. Kinda like last year’s OC hunt.

What I heard was that Milanovich balked when ODay wanted to control who was hired as coaches and coordinators, and Pierce was offered the job and outright declined because he preferred to stay in Winnipeg as OC.


3 and 15 my prediction.

I was thinking below .500, as well. Maybe 5-13 or 6-12. Shame, really. Mace has potential, and I hate to see him hamstrung in his first gig in the big chair by a GM who won’t get him players or let him choose his own staff. A bad start is hard to recover from when it comes to reputation and future opportunity.

I hope I’m wrong, but I saw both Dickenson and ODay as the problem, and we only got rid of half of it.

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That was a puzzler to me as well.

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yea but in USA currency, so all is well


That’s totally BS. What’s wrong with you. Your the one starting the rumour. If your going to make a statement like that then show us your source.

The Riders HC position was all in Buck Pierce’s hands. Once Buck withdrew his name after interviewing Rider tall foreheads the fallback was Mr. Mace.
Mr. Mace is actually a slightly better choice than Buck Pierce. Why? Pierce would try to bring in the O’Shea/Walters/Pierce type of culture to Regina. Prolly not possible, given current players and especially upper management.
Mace will just go about his job - trying to find a decent OC and then tightening a loose-fitting defense.
Nothing against Pierce but I wish Mace well in his new job. Pierce obviously saw storm clouds on the horizon. Mace saw nothing but greenbacks - and opportunity.

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Here’s Justin Dunk’s take on Milanovich.

I saw something on Pierce yesterday, once I find it again, I’ll put it up.


This is more vague than the one I saw yesterday, but essentially says the Riders had Pierce as the favourite. The radio broadcast made it sound like an offer was on the table.


Here’s another. Still think I’m making this up?



What becomes of Jake Dolegala? That guy was a shining star on a bad team. It was the defense that let the riders down. They were averaging giving up 36 points a game while the offense scored on average 29 points a game while Dolegala was the QB. It is interesting to see that they are keeping Davis who was injured and Pipkin but have not signed Dolegala. I think Dolegala can play QB if given the opportunity.


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Sounds like they were smarter than last season and kept quiet about their prospects.

I do hope they made the right choice. I also hope they are smart enough to not let a new head coach take on too much for himself this season.

Here’s hoping the Riders are better in 2024…


If you’re going to demand links from others, perhaps you should provide one yourself.


Just go on over to 3 DownNation.

You were the one accusing me of making stuff up. I provided links, at your insistence, to prove that I was not inventing anything, merely passing on what accredited sports reporters had written on the subject. I also chose to ignore the personal and insulting way that you came at me.

Then you come back, insult me again, and throw out a story of your own without providing any link or backup. Surely you hold yourself to the same standards to which you hold others, no?

So let’s see the link.

And for the record, I’m not saying your story doesn’t exist or isn’t true. I’m calling out your hypocrisy and rudeness. Try respecting your fellow posters on the forum.