Riders Helmets For Friday Night

Apparently the Riders are going to be wearing these hideous things on their heads come Friday night. I know there will be some fans who like these abominations, but Oh my God!!!!

[url=https://twitter.com/TheRiderStore/status/218050238030684160/photo/1]https://twitter.com/TheRiderStore/statu ... 60/photo/1[/url]

Hideous isn't even a strong enough word. I don't get this new found obsession with multiple helmets. Just stick with one lid.

Too many uniform variations. Keep it simple and tasteful.

What are Ridervillians going choose -- a fruit/vegetable peeler -- or watermelon paint?

[url=http://www.joedorman.com/pressreleases/watermelonfacts.pdf]http://www.joedorman.com/pressreleases/ ... nfacts.pdf[/url]

So in the pre-season they wore green helmets with white numbers on it and now opening game they are wearing white helmets. Are the Riders still going to wear green helmets with their logo? Is this white helmet now the same as Calgary's black helmet?

I don't get this new obsession with multiple helmets either. I personally love white helmets but when you have worn a green lid for so many years, why randomly switch to a white one.

Sask is just a disaster this season uniform wise...and likely on the field as well :lol: