Riders Helmet Decal/Logo

From training camp highlites it looks like the 'Riders have changed their helmet decal/logo. I hope this is true...the old one was awful.

How was the old one awful?? I personally thought it was fine.

Pics? Please?


I also overheard one of the girls working the counter in the rider store the home jersey will have a new shade of green (the old dark green similar to the 3rd jersey) this year and that she thought the white away is being revamped as well and the 3rd jersey will remain the retro gear.

I hope they redo the jerseys i was sick of having the same style jerseys as half the league....

You do know that is an intentional code of dress right? There are reasons for it that are beyond me, but reasons the same.


I think that it had more to do with the fact that Rebok only offered the CFL teams 4 or 5 different jersey styles. Dont forget that when the entire league went with Rebok for their uniforms Rebok actually suppiled each team with a home/away/3rd set of uniforms (100 of each I think, #0-#99) Certain teams (ie Edmonton + Montreal)used the presented jersies to mimic their prior ones. I would imagine if a brand new jersey style is seen it will have to work with the provided Rebok styles (Riders Retros are actually the same jersey designe that the Als use for theirs)

I didn't even notice that part, thanks for the heads up there. It does look more like the logo now, the one which by the way I have on my gold ring. I'm so happy I just got it in the mail this morning. I'm just waiting on that Eskie ring now.

You are a fool!

Yes, I base this soley on your taste of Football logos.

I have nothing to learn from someone who can't spell Reebok.


PS I can't find a picture of the new one anywhere as of yet. Anyone?

He's right. Go to the main page og this site, and on the side it says videos, then day 4 SSK. Watch it. It's out regular logo, it's just instead of going all around to the back (like the seahawks) it's just the logo. Like this:


I personally don't like it.


I have nothing to learn from someone who can’t spell Reebok.


PS I can’t find a picture of the new one anywhere as of yet. Anyone?
Well officially its not “reebok” either Its just RBK now… if you wanna be like that

If you look around the Leader Post website, you will find various photos from training camp. They all show the helmet decal as posted by Gcup89.

I think that I like the old one better, but it’s not a big deal.

Hmph I don't like it at all. Sorry for missing that extra e there Kel, no need to be rude pls.

The logo looks smaller too I think. The S doesn't look the same size or is it me.

I think it's you. S'ok boonedock82, I apologize as well. To my fault, I like to hold Saskatchewanians to a higher level of education and accountability.