Riders heavy favorite to Win Grey CUP

Apparently The Riders feel that they just have to show up to win. They do not feel the Tiger Cats have a chance to beat them on their home turf. The odds makers have it 30 to 1 in favour of the Riders. Riders are just too great. Their the best team that has ever played a down in the CFL at least according to the Green nation. Sorry Hank you and your Ticats do not have a chance.

But here is for the under dog. GO Cats GO

So because some odds maker lists them as favourite it means they have an ego?

Put at least some effort into your troll - maybe try to make it funny or witty at least.

Never underestimate a team that is playing good football at this time of year. Look at Toronto last season. I do expect the Riders to come in prepared and focused tho.

Anything can happen in the CFL. I can only say, the odds makers said Montreal would win, they also said Toronto would win. Either way, we all want to see a good, clean game next Sunday in Regina.


Does anyone here know what the oddsmakers are saying for the game? I would think sask would be favourite by 7

What do the Riders have to do with the odds makers? Stupid post.

Who is the odds maker. I have never bet on a game in my life, but I might be willing to put something on that. Hamilton is not a pushover...they proved that with their second half resilience against the Argos!

you're a joke.

The Rider players DO NOT feel that they just have to show up.

were you even watching the post game?? totally ridiculous, troll fail, big time. :roll:

When you get blown out 37-0 and your running backs totalled 34 yards in two meetings. Your not going to be a favourite. This is an extremely bad matchup for the Ticats.

Nope he caught at least one.

30 to 1? Even if I wasn't a Ti-Cats fan, I'd put money down on that. Care to tell me who's taking bets on the Cats winning at 30 to 1?

Those games happened in July. Since then, the Cats have gone 11-4. Saskatchewan was rolling early this year, the Cats are on a pretty decent roll right now. Saskatchewan should be favourites for a number of reasons, and they will probably win the game, but this is going to be a much closer contest than you think. But you're usually wrong anyway, so this will be nothing new.

Also, that second your should be you're.

Hamilton will have to run the ball if it is as hard and icy as it was this weekend. They have a shot but I'm sure you understand why the odds are they way they are.

ROTFLMAO!!!!! I was waiting for someone to bring up that game!!!! and surprise,surprise,it's my old pal Mr.Alouette,himself....HfxTC!!!!! Let's take a closer look at this game,the Cats had 8 players in that game,who are no longer on the team,plus an additional 9 players who are either on practice or non active list as we speak.This was the 4th game of the season,back when we were still sorting through a ton of injuries and still trying to figure out an entirely new coaching staff and schemes as well as figuring out who could play with a rookie laden roster.The Riders at the time were flying on all cylinders and looking like a well oiled machine to start the season.Here's a list of who didn't play in that game just to refresh your memory.....D.Webb-db/S.Lawrence-lb/D.Breaux-db/M.Bowman-lb/T.Davis-dt/B.Isaac-lb/
So comparing that game and roster against who we have on the roster now,is like comparing apples and oranges.
We lost the next game against Sask as well to drop us to 1-4 on the season,since then our record is 11-4 the last 15 games.This is a totally different team than that team that got blown out 37-0. I think even Rider fans would agree that ,that game should be thrown out,and that they were lucky to face us so early on in the season instead of later on.In all honesty a later season back to back match-up would have been at best a split between the two clubs.That game was played way back on July 21st and can hardly be considered a comparison to the two teams today.With all that being said though,I fully expect the Riders to be favoured in this game,after all it is in their home park and they did have a slightly better record than the Cats in the regular season,also this will be their 4th trip to the Cup in 7 years,while this is the Cats first time back since winning it in "99".

I would have to think that based on the match up on Sunday, the weather, injury reports and the alignment of the planets, the Ti Cats have a much better chance than Montreal to win the Grey Cup this year.

Both of these teams were underdogs in the Divisional Final games. I haven't read or seen anything yet that would indicate the Riders are looking past the Tiger Cats.

some of the Rider fans might be, but rest be assured the Rider players themselves are definitely NOT seeing the Tiger-Cats as a pushover or anything.

they got to the game in two straight seasons.. they aren't about to lose it again.

Hamilton did not really even show up in their first meeting, and I think Willy's outing surprised the Cats in the 2nd meeting. Henry threw for almost 400 yards in that game, but the Cats were just awful at finishing drives early in the season, plus Andy was out. Since then this ti-cat D is night and day better (though sorry, I still believe Rider D is much better), and the Cats have a much more balance O. There were times I wondered if the Cats would ever have 100 yards rushing in a game early on.

Henry knows how to march the ball, and Austin has worked some strange and freaky magic in a weird 2 QB O.

I think the big concern for the Cats is protecting the QB. They gave up the most sacks in the CFL this year, and the Riders can at times be scary on pass rush. LeFevour's play has seemed to help stem that a bit, keeping defenses off balance, along with the emergence of Gable.

Both of these teams have been up and down this year. For the Cats hit and miss week to week, the Riders a huge slump in the 2nd half of the season. If the best of each team shows up it will be an epic GC. If the worst of either shows up it will be pretty much over at half.

I'll say this...the Cats have seemed focused/on their game 1/2 of the last 2 games, the Riders the better part of 60 minutes the last 2 weeks.

I firmly believe this will be one of the loudest stadiums these guys will ever play in in the CFL. It could be a big factor.

I think it is obvious that the Riders are looking past the Grey Cup game and looking ahead to the 2014 pre-season. Or maybe they are collectively going to Disneyland, which is possible as they may be looking for a replacement for Goofy and Dwight Anderson fits the bill. Weston Dressler could fit into the Tinkerbell costume as well. But alas, even with Fess Parker at the helm, I can't see the Ti Cats defending the Alamo against the Green Machine.

Go Western Conference Go!!!!!

You really have a comprehension problem. We are talking about the odds. Not what I think. I said they have a shot if they can run the ball. They haven't shown they can very often and certainly not against the Riders. Gable had 31 yards and Walker had 3 yards. The oline is the same and Gable is the same. So the changes to the defense have no bearing on the Ticats ability to run the football.

I have a comprehension problem???? LOL....did you even bother to read my post?? or are you still throwing pablum from your high-chair in a hissy fit cause your mighty Al's are once again on the sidelines. If you bothered to read my post,you would have noticed that Gable didn't dress for that game,nor did ot-Figueroa,nor did most of our receiving core and that game was played in July,nearly 5 months ago,so if its not what you think,then why did you bring it up???
I can guarantee any Rider fan out there,would agree with me that bringing up that 37-0 game has absolutely no bearing on the Grey Cup game and the rosters of the two teams as they stand right now,look I know your upset about your Al's....it's okay,you'll get over it,just watch the game and try to comprehend what's going on this Sunday in the Grey Cup......so in short,your right,it's not about what you think.....now can you comprehend that????? :lol: :smiley: :cowboy: