Riders heading into 2nd Pre-Season game..

So here we are, days from the final pre-season game!

what are we looking at here?

any big moves?

I think the area they're going to be focused on mostly is the Defense... as i'm sure the offense for the most part is established.

I think you're right. Offence should be just fine; that's one scary receiving corps there, and Durant showed last season that he's a quality starter.

Defence is where the work is needed, what with the personnel losses (particularly the 2 DEs). . .but I do enjoy watching an Etcheverry defence. . .

Anyone who is on the "Bubble" will have to perform extra well, or they could be on the next plane out of Regina.

Don't know that it's scary per se. Dressler and Fantuz are the game-breakers. Everyone else? Either on the decline (Clermont) or relatively unproven (Rodriguez, Bagg). They could well turn out to be an elite group this season, but on paper, there are better receiving corps elsewhere in the league.

Defence is where the work is needed, what with the personnel losses (particularly the 2 DEs). . .but I do enjoy watching an Etcheverry defence. . .
Agreed on both counts. Etch defenses are always entertaining. The stunting up front is really neat.

...back to the drawing board

Ouch!I didn't get to watch it but the score reeks of a nasty spanking.Did not expect that from Calgary at all with very key losses over the off-season.I'm impressed.Good thing it's only the pre-season though lol

ya seeing as how Miller explained they didn't have a game plan vs the Stamps..

i'm sure they weren't too concerned there R&W...

...it was pretty obvious..

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was always under the impressions the coaches (on all teams) usually run fairly vanilla defensive schemes in the preseason to allow them to better evaluate the players. You usually don't see blitz or stunts or anything fancy out there by any of the teams.

In the grand scheme of things the result doesn't mean anything, I think Miller has 1 preseason win since he took over the team.

ya, I don't ever take the Pre-season too seriously, because they don't show much.

I only listened for the first half of the game (it being pre-season and all plus only having the radio broadcast kept my interest at a lull) but from what I did hear two things did hit me that'll need to be worked on:

  1. Penalties. Having no specific game plan aside, there were far too many of these in the first half. I don't expect a lot of this to carry over into the regular season but it was still not something I enjoyed hearing so frequently.
  2. RB. I'm still a general Cates supporter but the lack of ground yardage when things are their most vanilla (for both teams, in theory) is somewhat disheartening.

Still, it's preseason so I'll take it in stride until July 1. Then it'll be time for some further re-evaluation!