Riders headed to undefeated season!!


You heard it here first. Riders headed to an undefeated season. Mail in the two points other teams.

Riders Rule
Ti-Cats drooled. :oops: :rockin: 8)

Were you born a troll or did you take lessons?

I took the lessons, so I just gonna troll on by :lol:


I dont think Turkey is a jerk…just a troll

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18 games is too long a season for perfection. Won't happen.

I thought you guys had 26,000 season ticket holders, yet attandance was only 19,000 and change

Tough to get to the game when most highways in and around Regina were closed due to flooding, not to mention some underpasses in Regina itself.

Wow, sure are a lot of thin skinned babies here. Troll? Please, just a little light fun

Guess this is some posters first meeting with turkey bend. He (or she) is defiantly not a troll or lacking intelligence. just a light hearted poster that makes a person laugh.

I will guarantee that the Riders will be undefeated.......at least until Saturday.

I will also guarantee that there will be at least 2 undefeated teams on Sunday.

do you ever watch the news?

I didn't think so..

Attendance is based on tickets sold, not bums in the seats, so again, how can the a Riders claim 26,000 season tickets, but only 19,000

Easy, the team sold those seats. but 19,000 showed.

how hard is that to follow?

...to my geographical neighbours defense flutie, Sask is experiencing some pretty overwhelming floods right now...I would imagine a large portion of those no-shows were farmers or folks who live in smaller towns outside Regina that either could physically not make the journey (cut off roads) or chose to stay at home to protect their and their neighbours properties as best they could...not fair to be a critic in this case IMO

I would suggest that had the game even occured a couple of days into the flood, the Riders could have done like Calgary a year ago and used the game as a rallying point for flood solidarity. As it was there was no opportunity. I think the Riders did well to get the people they did under the circumstances. Wait one more game before judging the fan response.

Guess that's over now. Actually thought it would be over last week. However it was a great run while it lasted.





Yeah... I guess not.