Riders headed to Grey Cup!!!!!!!!

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Riders are headed back to the Grey Cup. 1st Place and getting better. It is a long ride home from Portage and Main but man does it feel good. Poor Winnipeg fans. They deserve better. What happened to the not-so-long ago mighty Bombers. Wow. Bring back Troy Westwood :smiley:
Seriously, no one wishes this on any franchise. It is sad to see a mighty rivalry not be there because of ineptitude of management.
I love to hate the Bombers but take no joy in a no contest game. Winning against a good team in a well-played game is far superior to this. Let's hope the world turns inside out in Bomberland and good football returns. Which team is the most devastated at this point in the season. I would have to say the Bombers followed by the Lions. I know what about Toronto- well they somehow won!

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Riders are going to the grey cup cause they can destroy a 3-6 team to make them 3-7 wow

motreal is going to the grey cup!!!!!! first in the east and going strong!!!!
i love mid season predictions. i think i saw this same riders prediction last year after the labour day return.

Good luck against the Eskimos...............i hear they're not in a very good mood.

Turkey, I think Chief is gonna make you fish barbless from now on....

Yup look’s the Green team in 1st is going to the GC :lol:

West Standings when u take away the Argo and Bombers games.


Yeah but if you take away all Roughrider losses and only count Roughrider wins we are 6-0!!!
Damn that sounds good!
I like this!!! Manipulating the records RULES!

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