Riders headed to Grey Cup

It is obvious now that the Riders are the team to beat heading down the stretch after the impressive win over the Bombers. Congrats to Milt Stegall - great td. catches.

Riders Rule

give me a break you beat the bottom feeders the worst in the west to break a 5 game loosing streak you should be more worried about getting to 500 before you should even consider the riders being the team to beat

i hope you where being sarcastic with you post

The Riders have a defence that could take them to the Cup. But Crandell and Greene aren't good enough to take them to the promised land.

Lol 2 biters so far turkey.....:slight_smile:


See this post

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=2339&start=0]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... 39&start=0[/url]

good point.

so sask, is NOW 4-6 with 8 games left
sask. next 8 games ( probable losses in CAPS )....winnipeg, EDMONTON, TORONTO, BC, MONTREAL, EDMONTON,calgary, BC.

thats the probability of 6 more losses...a record of 6-12....NO CROSSOVER THIS YEAR!!!!!!

thats not to say sask, can't steal the 3rd west spot from calgary ( doubt it ), since they do play eachother in week 18.....

( calgary still plays hamilton 2ice, winnipeg, and sask. ...so a better chance at the 3rd spot)


Edmonton 6 3
Calgary 4 5
Saskatchewan 4 6

after today sask can maybe be 2 wins out of 2nd place so maybe there still is hope for a home playoff game? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Thats the spirit bowl, Burris could get injured and be out for the season next game and the stamps could tank, anything can happen, we have only started the second half of the season, there is a lot of football yet to be played and things are still wide open.

You're dreaming! :evil:

I’m beginning to feel that the teams that won’t be in the play-offs are The Bombers, The Riders and The Ti-cats. If the Bombers don’t make the play-offs, the Riders won’t. That’s all I want out of this season now since I lost faith in my team making it. I want the Riders to not make it and by destroying them next week at home - I’ll be happy. I just want my team to win games again like they did agaisnt Montreal. :frowning:

.........hey, if we lose to edmonton today the race for third in the west is still very much anyone's to take..........I for one am not counting out the Riders to surpass my club.........a little tougher for the BBs to do the same but it ain't over 'til its over folks..........

This is why you rider fans deserve to get bashed.
Your team beats the Bombers,and now your Grey cup material.Give your heads a shake.
Just wait until September 23,when my Argos go to Talor Field.

It's alot more than 2 now.

LOL You should be sharing whatever you are smoking Turkey, it must be some good ****.

the riders didnt even look impressive, you must remember that Ron Rust, the bombers defensive co-ordinator wasnt there. their defense was awesome in the first half, but didn't make the changes that shouldve been made at half time, and that was what did them in. with their defensive co-ordinator there, they will be able to make better adjustments, and i expect them to do alot better next week. kudos to the sask. defense though....but that hasnt been their weak spot this year. winnipeg was also unprepared for Crandell, riders won this game impressively, but the score made them look better than they were...i give full offensive credit to Kenton Keith, and not Marcus Crandell. Keith's running made alot available to Crandell, and Crandell was throwing short passes all night, unless he can air it out, winnipeg will beat them next week, as the secondary will play close to their man, and not so far off

Were you watching the game??? Other than the one big run, Keith was doing no better than Roberts. I am not taking away anything from Keith, but to deny Crandell credit for sparking the very dull offence we have had as of late is ridiculous. The bombers beat us on a few BIG plays, but other than that their ball movement wasn't that impressive..... whereas we were able to consistantly march down the field. Who cares if it was 10 yards at a time.

Go Riders!!

Although I have to admit there was a fair bit of rust on him in the first half.

Oh, and Saskargo. By now you of all people should know Turkey makes posts like that for no reason other than to p*ss people like you off.

Go Riders!!

What are you talking about? Almost every time Keith touched the ball it was a 4, 5, 6 yard gain. He was productive all night.

But no more productive than Roberts is all I am saying.