Riders headed to Grey cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:lol: Riders dismantled the best defence in the CFL. Anyone who doubted the mighty green and white should now admit their error!

riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide
Sell out at Taylor Field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

the ride ends in BC.

I’ll admit, some games there are key turnovers that change the complexion of the game. In this game however, Saskatchewan just dominated. Winnipeg was never in it. Either the Riders are awesome or winnipeg is terrible!
Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide
/showing by the Bombers!!!

BULL ***************!!!!

Riders will never get passed Calgary OR BC!!!

meanwhile Winnipeg beat out EE, beats Toronto, and Montreal, and MAKES IT TO THE CUP AGAIST CALGARY, AND BEATS THEM!!!! WOOHOO!!!!


gonna be a montreal calgary cup.

The last I checked, the Riders had BC's number :wink:

If you get blownout by Sask, how are you ever gonna get past Tor and Mtl?

.....easy.....he'll employ the KK Strategy.....let the opposition build up a huge first half lead, then come from behind to win in the dying minutes.....

Well at this point, a Pee-Wee football team can beat Montreal.

That is what everyone said last year and they still made it to the cup!

Oh come on, jm. Not all the Action Points in KK's little world would make the Bombers victorious over the Riders tonite.

just doing what TB does week to week.

turns red :oops: , hinds his head dang, I hate it when your right! BTW, SSK: 44 WPG: 13. :oops:

....except that when turkey does it, it's funny.....

have I ever told you how much I hate you, jmo2? :twisted:

Have I ever mentioned I don't care?

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Seriously jm02, your negative comments and hazing me on almost every thread is getting on my and every one's nervous, so please, for the forum, stop.

I'll stop when you stop posting garbage. Deal?

your definition of "garbage" is different from mine, and to stop doing that would be very difficult for me to do, like losing the will to live. You, on the other hand, can be the bigger person and just walk away from it.

and if any one has a PM to you about what I'm doing, forward it to me and let me talk to them, I've got hard skin (developed it over the last 2 seasons), I can take it, and I can be very reasonable with people.

If your not posting here would cost you your will to live, perhaps you should re-examine your priorities.

Just a thought.