Riders head East

The competition in the West was too tough for the Riders. It's almost time to pack the bags and head out East to see if they can muster a win in the other division.

C'mon Calgary, one more game and you can make it a battle of Alberta in the playoffs!!!!

Esks rule!
Riders drule!

You better hope for the Esks sake that they do head east. I don't know if the Esks could pull off another 'lucky' win against the Riders the next time around.

Saskargo I think you may have some competition for your hatred of the Riders, I think EE has posted more about the Riders then his own team too.

if sask doesent win against calgary…theres a good chance the ruffies won’t make the playoffs AT ALL.

unless ottawa blows it against hamilton…then the ruffies are safe.

I think you're right d_g, not just because the riders will end up at 9-9 at best if they do lose to calgary, but also, if they lose to calgary, that might take the wind out of their sails, and they might lose to BC as well. They might anyways, depending on who's playing for BC at the time, but finishing 8-10 is pretty pathetic. All Ottawa would have to do is to win 2 of their last 3, right?

if sask loses to calgary then they are 8-9 with ONLY 1 game left....against BC in the LionsDen!..possible the roughriders finish 8-10

ottawa ( if they beat hamilton ) will be 7-9 with 2 games left.....needing atleast 1 win to have a total of 8th wins....

it would give ottawa the tie in wins so they would get the last spot in the east ( and ottawa swept the series against sask. )

but if ottawa loses to hamilton, then its all over, and someone is crossing over fursure!

Ottawa plays Montreal & Toronto still, two tough opponents. Of course anything can happen and nothing is gauranteed. A Saskatchewan win against Calgary will be very big this week-end. I can't wait, that stadium will be rocking on Sunday.

It makes sense, the looser of this game Stamps-Riders might be on the out looking in for the playoffs. I hope for the sake of football in Ottawa even though it wont mean in a home playoff game, just making the playoffs would be beneficial. Otherwise, it could be off to Quebec City for the Gades.

I don't even think the season series matters for crossovers, does it? I thought as long as the 3rd place team had equal points to the 4th from the other side, they were in. IE, Ottawa and Sask end up with 16 points, Ottawa's in plain and simple. If Sask had 17 points tho, then they'd get the crossover.... that's what I thought anyways.

So I have to cheer for Hamilton and one of either Montreal or Toronto.... I'm assuming that with the race as close as it is, at least one of the two would need to beat Ottawa for a shot at first place...

Go Cats!! :slight_smile:

You're correct monkey.

i hope calgary goes unbeaten in thier last 3...in doing so, they beat the riders....so the riders dont make the playoffs, and ottawa does. this would/should breathe some life into the renegades for next year, as they will have something to build on. then the fans come back and they pack frank clair stadium every game in '06.

this would be a perfect world.

Your right, for the sake and well being of the overall league, now looking at the full picture, having the Gades make it appears more critical than either Stamps or Riders.

exactly…and once they are on thier feet, then the league can further explore expansion more seriously…which they wont do until ALL teams are healthy.

If they made the playoffs and got blown out by Toronto or Montreal, would that help or hurt the team? Or is it mostly the fact that they can say, hey, we made the playoffs! Buy season tickets, cause we might do it again.... That sort of deal?

I can handle the Riders not making the playoffs for that sort of league security. Plus, not making the playoffs might make for some coaching changes, so it's all good.

they can say..."hey we made the playoffs, we've added some key guys in the off season, so now were lookin to get a home-playoffs-game!"...thats an easier sell then..."hey, we never make the playoffs, but please come watch us anyways"...hahaha

the riders aren't gonna make any money by making the playoffs since they can't get a home date now....so they might as well move over to help ottawa and the CFL

To say to the fans hey we are improving and now making the playoffs since the year of the small potato. Plus, it gives the Gleibs more credibility in the eyes of the fans. Also, the team if you look at it is probably only a few players away via free agency in going from a pretender to a serious contender.

and they can convince those key free agents to sign with ottawa easier if they make the playoffs this year. RATHER THAN trying to convince those free agents to sign with a team that has never made the playoffs

The funny thing about your "we never make the playoffs but show up anyways" comment is that it's seemed to work for the Riders overall. However, they've also had a few telethons and whatnot to keep the team afloat, so it doesn't always work. :slight_smile:

but sask has been a CFL city for 100 years or so.....ottawa fans have forgotten the CFL or just havent warmed up to the Renegades yet.....a playoff spot this year could help bring back those long-lost fans.

Unfortunately for Ottawa playoff spots go to those teams that earn them not teams that need the most financial help. If that was the case the Esks playoff streak would come to an end.

ottawa can still get it.....so u can save those comments for a later time..