Riders have sold 80% of New Mosaic already, incl. 24,000 ST

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News
“The reality is about 80 per cent of the seats in the stadium have already been spoken for? - @craigreynolds8 #CFL #Riders via @murraylp

CFL News ?@CFL_News
"We’re moving 24,000 season-ticket holders to their seats in the new stadium." - @craigreynolds8 #CFL #Riders via @murraylp

CFL News ?@CFL_News
"This will be the largest season-ticket-holder move in Canadian sports history." - @craigreynolds8 #CFL #Riders via @murraylp[/b]

Good for them, they probably would have sold that many even without a new stadium but no doubt they will sell out every seat in the first year just like Ottawa and Hamilton did in their new stadiums.

Frankly The Riders don't have a problem filling the Stadium no matter what it's called or no matter what game!
30,000 plus is not/has not been a problem in Saskatchewan. :cowboy:

In a word... WOW!!! Good for them. :thup: :rockin:

Just as long as I can get a pair of tickets next year to watch the Argos whoop those green boogers, I'll be happy.

Such tickets don’t exist as there will be no occurrence as described.

Well sort of nice, Why build such a tiny stadium. Oh!! a 65,000 seater, they would fallen very short of their objective. But its a sell out very game now . Gee;s
Called Lying With Statistics!!!!!!!!!!!!

What? 33,000 is not a tiny stadium. I’ll have a couple of whatever you’re taking.

does Sask have 65 thou people? 33 is a large stadium, hmmmmmmm haterade

Wow, doesn't surprise me though, the support the Riders receive is fantastic especially considering the population there in the Regina area albeit people drive long distances to go to Rider games in Saskatchewan. But the entire province of Saskatchewan is only about 1.13 million from what I'm reading on the net.

Yes "The Riders' are and always have been a "provincial community" supported Franchise that consistently garners more fans to games then teams in cities with Millions. lololol :cowboy:

Isn’t the capacity of the new stadium about the same as the old stadium? You would think that they would have at least made the capacity a little higher than the current stadium.

I would not see a need to increase seating. The proirity should be improved seating and keeping the demand high which they will acomplish. The increase should and will be in corporate luxury boxes, retail and ticket prices. Sask has got it all going on imo and are the envy of the league .

Your comment above is bang on SpektrumBlue.

Supply and demand. It is not rocket science. 65000 seats would be well over 10% of the population within 100km. Good luck with that.

That’s your opinion, I disagree. I would have went to 35,000+.

With the suites, loge seating and club seating, the capacity is over 35,000, and it’s the perfect size.

IIRC, the 33k includes all seating types, not just the general admission, though it’s something I’ve seen confused in the media ad well.

My preferred size would have been 35k with room for expansion to 50k for Grey Cups and such. Oh well…