Riders have more money then brains

Yup it seems that those Riders have taken it upon themselves to buy and place a billboard advertisement two blocks away from THF in Hamilton for tomorrow nights game. They of course are saying that they're not trolling or trying to taunt with this gimmick but just keeping in touch with their fan base. Their fan base ? in Hamilton ? Seriously ? trust me the Riders have no fan base in Hamilton. I could see them and have seen them pull this crap out west in places like Winnipeg and/or Calgary which I can kinda understand but to spin this to say that the Billboard is to keep in touch with all our fans in Hamilton......well what can I tell you but.........give yer head a shake !!! Anyways thanks Riders for giving me my laugh for the day as we're all shaking in our boots here with your mighty 1-6 powerhouse squad coming to town.
Anyways it's nice to know that with all the money that yer team has blown and thrown away lately on fines and what have you that you still have some pocket change left to waste on Billboard ads in other teams cities. :lol:

[url=http://i1.wp.com/3downnation.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Riders-Sign.jpg?resize=620%2C264]http://i1.wp.com/3downnation.com/wp-con ... =620%2C264[/url]


Are you sure they're not trying to tell their pre-practice squad where the new practices will take place, since they can't happen with the team anymore? :lol:

Anything that gets fans fired up and talking is a good thing for the league.It worked in your case :smiley: Especially in Southern Ontario.

I'm sure the the sign company (Pattison) wasn't complaining about the extra $1500 (or so) in revenue the riders put into their jeans.

Remember, its probably an electronic sign board - only commissioned for a week or so. The digital image could have been done by the riders in-house hacker/computer expert as I heard computers came into Regina a few months ago.

Rider operations kinda remind me of Game of Thrones.

Lots of bizarre looking cretins, fancy armour, plenty to eat, crazy talk. Too bad Taman is gone - put 75 lbs. on Peter Dinkelage and vola.

Mad Jack must be on vacation or dead.

I find this kind of stuff tacky, frankly. Glad Ottawa doesn't do it.

And if you're going to do it, at least own up to your behaviour. How is this "keeping in touch" with anyone? If it directed Saskatchewan fans to a meet and greet beforehand or some such, I could buy that argument a bit better. this is really just pretending to be a bigger deal than you actually are. It's actually kind of pathetic.

....What the heck has happened to the Madman....he's been very conspicuous by his absence....C'mon Jack..I know you're out there.....somewhere.. :roll:

The Riders have done things like this for years, its meant to amp up the crowd and have some fun. Its meant to help with marketing the game, something the CFL severly lacks.

Edmonton one year bought an ad on the digital sign right at McMahon stadium in Calgary.

I have been to Rider games in Ottawa and Toronto I can lay witness to a mass of Rider fans . In Toronto they out numbered Argo fans and in Ottawa they had their own pregame party which was filled . I can't say anything about Hamilton .

It's done in jest and it's fantastic that we have our CFL version of the Green Bay Packers fan support nationwide.

$1500 to the rider organization is like a couple pennies to most of us. You don't even think twice about it.
Plus, they'll get a good rub from TSN during the game broadcast which might mean Pattison Signs gave them a discount on the board if they managed to get it featured on game night!
By the same token Billy Bo Mitchell is taking out an ad - showing the riders 25 man B-roster feasting at the Saskatoon buffet table! I think he be fined for dat!

Well gee thanks and all Riders but we don't really need your help amping up the crowd at THF or marketing the game here in Hamilton. :smiley: THF will be packed tomorrow night with another sell-out crowd with the teams first home game in almost a month and a half. I do have to admit though that I find the whole billboard thingy quite comical considering how pathetic the Riders are at playing football lately. :smiley: The funny part to me is the explanation given that the billboard is in support of all of those Rider fans that we seem to have here in Hamilton.... :roll: :lol: Hilarious :lol: :roll:

Exactly. It's fine to poke fun at this stuff, but at the end of the day, the Riders and their fans are having some fun and giving the league exposure at the same time.

Let's not be anti-fun. Fun is good for business.

And heaven knows, the Riders should be having fun somewhere this year...

I think it's good. More advertising/rivalry helps promote!

Than or then,...is it really so hard???

I think the billboard is a great idea. Good for them.


This is all good stuff.

Gets people talking CFL.

Wouldn't mind at all seeing more of this from all the teams.

:thup: :thup: :thup: