Riders have deal worked out with new kicker?

I just read the hot stove with DB and he said it is all but a signature away. I assume it is with Matt Kellet, but does anyone know for sure? Just curious.

Go Riders!!

one eyed Kellet good luck ha ha ha ha

There is speculation that it could be Kellet or a CIS kicker.....

.....or Bubbles from the TPBs....

Don't know what CIS kicker it would be. Never know it could be an American too with the new import rules.

And red according to a recent article, Kellet's eye is all healled up. Used to watch him when he played here in S'toon for the Huskies. He was great for us.

I've heard talk in PA that the CIS kicker is from the U of C......there's someone on riderfans.com who's heard something similar.....again, only speculation.....

Barret used the term "young man" so I would ASSUME it's not Kellet and a rookie being brought in from the states or from CIS.

Isn't it obvious?

It's Brian Diesbourg.

I blieve the guy kicking field goals for the Dino's last year is Stephen Hughes

D. O'mahoney?

hes not a free agent so the Riders can't talk to him. Thank the football gods for that

Was I the only one freaked out by Kellett's eye bandage last year? It was flesh coloured, and blended in so well with his face, that it looked like he DIDN'T HAVE AN EYE SOCKET! Like he was some kind of lopsided cyclops or something.

I think eye bandages like that one should be in a colour of stark contrast to the person's skin tone.

d. o'missey apparently is headed for the Bombers......for punting duty only...unless he starts shanking those... :?

Trade Billy , trade. You know, one good olineman for a kicker , sound good to you? Better hurry before the BB snap him up first.

I would rather bring Ridgeway or Passaglia out of retirement then get O'missy