Riders have already won and it's not even 1/2 time

Everything is going Rider way this game is already over for the Ticats. No way the RIders can lose. Impossible!!

Things can change very fast.

Sadly, not that fast. :frowning:

Hamilton needs to make some serious halftime adjustments to make this any kind of a competition. Riders are the far better team right now.

...this one is done

...hmmm, Broncos at the Patriots....

EVERY year during the Grey Cup, TSN starts up their World Junior advertisement. Made me smile.
I love this country!!!

Good thing this game is in Saskatchewan or, with the score, it would be painful to watch.

Halftime speech:

no quarter.


Although the Riders are dominating to this point, a veteran team will take the stance of this game not being over until the clock says 0.

Hamilton has nothing to lose... Riders still need to be ready!

But wow Im excited!!!

Go Riders!!!

Turned game off before 1 half ended as it was not worth watching unless your a rider fan which I am not. Another boring lop sided Grey Cup. Feel sorry for those who paid good money to attend and who are not Rider fans.

Other then Geroy being able to finger Rider management this winter when they ask him to take a pay cut. This game has been a giant yawn. Whats going on with Manning-Brady 13

i wanna see in the last minute, 13 men on the field. symbolic, for the fans. Let’s put this whole thing to rest.

Why? It is an interesting and fun part of Grey Cup history.