Riders have a new rival...

Ha ha ha you have no idea what you're talking about KL.....he asked, I answered.....

Sorry, Kel, I gotta agree with jm02 here. The first thought that came to my mind upon reading your initial post was that the sellout against BC was meaningless in light of the other sellouts.

That being said, I do agree with you that BC seems to be the primary rival of the 'Riders lately. Which is weird for some of us who have grown up despising (yet respecting) the Eskimos and Bombers, but it's a good rivalry. I don't have the same animosity for BC yet that I did for the other two teams, but I definitely feel like it's a great rivalry.

At any rate, I don't know your history with jm02, but as an "objective outsider" reading just these posts, it sure seems like you over-reacted (except for putting your name in quotation marks - I can see why that might have looked disrespectful, but her explanation of why she did it seems reasonable).

Hope we can move past this and back onto focusing on the rivalry with BC - I can't wait to see us pound them! :slight_smile:

...the only 'new' rival the riders have right now is called 'being on top'....for years the riders lived and breathed the underdog role...are they going to be able to withstand the idea that they are the king of the heap and all comers are trying to knock them off....

... alas another episode of "All My Children" comes to a close!!

Riders Rule

I enjoyed reading that.

I agree that the CFL has the ability to develope very meaningful "rivalries". Thus, some years, making a season full of potential rivalry style/playoff style games.

I don't get it. Theres an 18 game schedule and only 8 teams. Aren't all the teams rivals? Does it really matter which one is "more" of a rival to any one team?

Jeez, just watch the dang game and cheer your team. Why complicate things?

Why even have a forum for discussion then?

Rivalries are as old as sport and talking about rivalries just as old. Why is that a problem? You really can't tell me that there is as big a rivalry between, say, B.C. and Hamilton as there is between Edmonton and Calgary. Historically, denizens of those two cities have always enjoyed slagging each other and that carries over into the hype and excitement for their match-ups. Likewise, the 'riders and Bombers are natural geographical rivals, and from what I've seen on this board supporters of both teams really enjoy ribbing each other. Why spoil their fun by poo-pooing that behaviour?

Lions and Riders have a good rivalry going. Especially since the last two Western Finals, one which was a great game and one which wasn't a game at all.

No, thats not what I meant. Rivalries are indeed awesome. But I don't see the point of arguing over which team is the bigger rival when they're pretty much all the same anyway.

Yeah I remember that one. Man was that a bad showing for SK.