Riders have a new rival...

The evidence is clear, wouldnt you say? The September 22nd fixture against the BC Lions has 'virtually sold out' in Regina, proving that the fans of the Roughriders have identified a new villain.

This highly anticipated rubber match could, through victory, give the Riders or the Lions the a clear path to a first place finish in the CFL's Western division. It could also provide either club the season series, and if the two should tie for top spot, the winner of this game becomes very important. Not to mention the winning team may benefit from a post-season home game or at least a mental edge in the playoffs.

In years recent, these teams have been part of many meaningful contests. Wins and losses on both sides have fueled the fire of a heated rivalry today. Some may say the leagues most intense. One need not look very far, as members of this forum, to see the blood and sweat of each teams supporters. The one-upsmanship that occurs here also occurs in the papers, locker rooms and on the field when these two clubs set for battle.

On both teams, veterans and coaches remind younger players that, figuritively, the CFL season starts after labour day. I cant help but have a funny feeling the playoffs may be starting early in the western division, on September 22nd this year.

The Leos have no geographical foes. With natural rivals Winnipeg toiling in the east division since the Ottawa Renegades folded, their is no doubt in my mind that the BC Lions have become Saskatchewans cheif rivals. Even nice little Gainer the Gopher hates the Leo's with a passion. Remember BCers', kings(of the jungle) you may be, but even kings get scared around vermin.

Injuries and matchups aside, the game should be a good one from the fans perspective. Its going to be awful tough to find any Lions gear at this contest amidst the sea of green. Advantage 13th man, Roughriders.


The game against the Esks sold out....then the game against the Esks sold out....then Labour Day sold out (no shock there)....then the game against BC sold out....the game against Montreal will likely sell out......

I see no "rival" status in that sellout, "Kel"....more likely it's renewed interest in the team.

I don't think the "sell-out" aspect proves much.
Historically, Calgary, Edmonton and Calgary all draw better than BC.
But no doubt the last few years the two teams have been bitter rivals.
I don't think the teams like each other very much, and we have seen pre game brawls and knocking DD out twice hasn't lessoned the hostility.
Ever since Scott Schultz called the BC o-line a "bunch of fat and sassy pigs" a few years back, things have slowly been ratcheting up.
And meeting in two West finals in 3 years hasn't hurt...

So yes. Circle the BC/Sask game on your calender.
That game may very well decide 1st place in the West this year.

In a way, Winnipeg moving to the East has created more rivalries. Montreal is the team now that I love to beat (it's been a good year :wink: ) because they've owned the division for too long. But games against Saskatchewan will always be big sellers, as well as BC. Edmonton and calgary have fallen off the list lately though....

And that is good for the bottom line! :wink:

Definately lol

jm02...although I know that this is a forum of opinion, I sure hope sometimes that I could express an opinion without criticism from a moderator, like yourself.

While I wont go as far as someone like Mike, I sure wish youd ignore my posts from time to time. I know you cannot do that because, as a moderator, it is your duty to monitor all the posts. But you could refrain from posting a counter opinion on the threads that I start regardless of the direction and integrity of my messages.

I'll be the first to admit, in the past, I didnt do my homework before I posted, leaving readers confused or offended, giving them the right to call me on it. I appologised in all cases. Or sometimes, in the past, I have let some things be said that shouldnt have been said. I've now considered every post before I put it on this forum, and checked it twice for offensive material. None was found by me or the other respondees in this topic. I ask you these questions in a serious but non-personal a manner as possible:

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I assure you I have no personal beef with anyone on this forum, do you?

I would have sent you a personal message, but Im not ashamed to admit I was wrong and ask for a fresh start. Would you like to start fresh? Im looking forward to your response, thanks for taking this few minutes.


Pardon me, CFLgameanyone (not sure why I can't use your name, since you include it in your posts and all, and I'm pretty sure that "Kel" is short for something, which is why I used it in quotation marks....but I'll be Ms. Formal and placate you for the time being, thereby using your nom de plum....but a word to the wise would be to not include another name in your posts should you not want to be called by it.....), but can you please direct me to the exact part of my post wherein I criticized you? I disagreed with you....that's it. I have a sarcastic nature - my posts illustrate that.

This is a public forum. If I disagree with your post, I have a right to say so, as do others to me. It's kind of what discourse is all about. I assure you, I saw nothing wrong with your post, aside from the fact that I disagree with your assessment.....should you think I did take offense to your posts in this topic where others have not, that's on you, not me.....

Sounds to me like you are saying only your opinion counts!

I was unaware that this was your personal blog!

Scarily sounds familiar, doesn't it, ro? What with some of the other "my opinion is the only one that matters" problem children that have come and gone over the months, eh?

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