Riders have a new Offensive Coordinator


Copied from news article on cfl.ca

Tommy Condell arrives in Saskatchewan after two seasons with Renegades

Saskatchewan Roughrider head coach Danny Barrett announced today Tommy Condell will join the team as the Offensive Coordinator.

Condell spent the last two seasons with the Ottawa Renegades as the quarterbacks/receivers coach. He also took over the offensive play-calling midway through the 2005 season.

The 34-year old native of Utica, New York, most recently coached for the University of Louisiana at Monroe where he served as the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach during the 2002 and 2003 seasons.

Condell was also the school’s special teams coordinator and tight ends coach in 2001. He previously held coaching jobs at Stephen F. Austin University (receivers and pass game coordinator), McNeese State (tight ends coach and assistant offensive line coach), Hamilton College (receivers coach), and Illinois Wesleyan University (running backs coach

Considering how well Ottawa did last year, Dont know if this will benefit the Riders or not.

Your thoughts?

If he can draw up something besides a hitch screen and shotgun draw, it will be an improvement.

you forgot the 7 yard curl on 2 and ten.

Having 2 great running backs and a great full back I would like to see more 2 back sets and even 3 back sets out of this offence. Imagine having Keith and Holmes in the backfield with Szarka at the same time. It would definitely make the defence think, it would also be a great set to run play-action out of.

Then all that will be needed is a defensive coordinator that can design something to stop the 2nd and 25, or 3rd and 30.

I dont profess to know how to coach a football team, but in my opinion, making adjustments to the defense to counter opposing offensive strategys is needed to be made before the fourth quarter starts

What do you think they do at half-time? Walk around congratulating each other for behing ahead … or only slightly behind? Never mind, I’m drunk.

daytona20, you're right, but seeing as in past years those adjustments were never made, I'd much prefer to see them happen in the 4th quarter than not at all... I mean, everyone in the league must know that if the riders have any sort of a lead in the dying minutes of the 4th, we're playing a disgustingly soft prevent defence.... which just begs to be scored on..

The only thing that the prevent defense does is prevent winning.

I hope he has something better for short yardage then an empty set qb sneak...hmm I wonder what they will do.

i think there going to be the same bombers are better anyway

so you mean we will beat you three times again this year??? :wink: