Riders Grey Cup Bound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my! Riders double dump the Lions. Wow, even in their lair!!!!!!! Wallyball does not work when it counts. Riders Rule!!

Riders Forever
Bye Bye Paul!

WHAT! TB has nothing to say about the Bombers? that's not like him.

He's stockpiling them for the Banjo Bowl a month and a half away. Give him time.

well, he going to be disappointed, hehehe...

Its great to see the Riders rebound from some drubbings and escape the cellar. I imagine there will be endless talk of extending the contracts of this regime now that they are back to the dizzy levels of mediocrity.

No, both shoud still be fired, the sooner the better. Riders still have a long way to go, the D needs to play better each game. Its why there are no roller coasters in Sask, we have the Riders! :lol: :lol: