Riders Grey Cup bound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danny Barrett - Coach of the Year

Kerry Joseph - MVP

Fantuz- Top Canadian

Riders beat East 1st place team and West 1st place team. Obviously they are the best team in our nation!! New power rankings = Riders on top!!!!!

Riders Rule again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy: :thup:

I am happy for you.

Let us know if and when you come back to earth and reality :stuck_out_tongue:

Turkeybend - Drunk again

I thought turkeybend was still at the game dealing with security??

.....you should wear your hair in a ponytail, turkey. :wink:

They can't beat the last place Eskimos! LOL

Isnt this getting a bit old turkey

Congrates on the game.

The bright side is EE is one game closer to elimination

Not again...

Definitely getting old.

I was hoping for a home playoff game.
Any rider fan (by the way; Ottawa has had more home playoff games than Regina in the last 30 years)

I'm ecstatic about it. I think they'll be the dark horse in the playoffs. I love the Renegade connection (Joseph, Armstead, Murphy). I wish they were back in Ottawa and we had a team. But I love Saskatchewan - I find their an exciting team to watch especially their home games. Riders all the way this year!

Problem for our Riders will be they will only get one chance to play the Lions in the playoffs…they gotta get by Calgary first,and then face an Eastern team in the GC…I love em, but don’t like the odds…hope they prove me wrong.

Naw, Its our latest shipment of BC Bud. 2006 was a very good year! :wink: