Riders = Greatness

I'm making a public prediction that the Riders will win the cup this year as well as finish first in their division.

Here's why....

N.Green is simply the best QB in the CFL, maybe even in the history of the CFL. He reminds me of Michael Vic and even Joe Montanna.

Corey Holmes is the best running back to play the game in recent memory.

Danny Berret, where to start? Simply the most awe inspiring coach.


umm…Nealon Greene isnt that good, and cant be compare with Vick, cuz he isnt that ast, and Greene is a ball hog.

Holmes isnt even ur starting RB, so that shows how good he is

and u spelt Danny Barret’s name wrong, so that tells how much u know about ur riders.

yeah im a rider fan, but nealon is not the best QB in the league as much as i would like to say he is. however he is still one of the best. and watching cory holmes, he has only gotten worse if you ask me. well for special teams anyway. but special teams is like the only thing we use him for really. but danny barret however is the best coach in the cfl.

Danny is probably top two or three, but i wouldnt the best.

Joe montana ? com on man they have nothing in common, did u ever see joe play? Barret just talks all the time all talk, the best coaches come from the far west and the far east (Mtl, BC) and theres no way u ll be first this year edm or cal if burris can return to his form before he went south in more ways than one

Good luck, cant blame ya sask has always had good fans, but when u wake up post again

.......I_AM_WIDER..........I know planting is pretty much wrapping up but you really shouldn't be hitting the bottle so early in the day.........I guess Green and Montana were pretty much the same, last year, sitting around collecting zero stats.........Vick?!?!?!, hehehehe, you're a fuzznut for sure.........oh well, I agree with BMGTGC, better to be enthusiatic and dumb than smart and a grump.............good luck!!..........

I see you make up stuff as you go along dont you?

The best QB in the history of the league? You really had me going there for a second. I thought you were serious :lol:

I am Rider, Did you take the CFL in class today. And the talk was on the riders. Because I am sure you have never watched any football before. The comparisons are out of this world. If Nealon was as good as the guys you compared him with he would not be playing for the Riders. As far as winning the GC it is good to dream and thats hope for your sake it comes true.

Riders will be last in the west, BOMBERS #1, or atleast ahead of the riders and stamps, Bomber will win all 3 games with the riders, they suck, and by the way nealon greene and Joe Montana, what the hell are u thinking?? Nealon and Vick what the hell are u thinking again??? He is useless so is everyone else of the riders. GO BOMBERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOON TO BE GREY CUP CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Is see you ate your Wheaties today!

Greene is the worste qb in the cfl.
Roberts, and davis are the best rbs in the cfl. KK and holmes are a fair ways back.
Greene, throws a ton of ints. Hank threw alot too. Neither are top tier cfl qbs.
The riders will cross over this year, and loss in the first round. They have a worse qb, and the rest of the team is no better. just older, slower, and longer in the tooth.
My bombers wont go first. I think we'll be third in the west though. Uless some thing real bad happens like last year.

is it just a coincidence that alot of stupid posters are rider fans?

LMAO. I don't think soo.
They do follow a team that has won what 3 cups? You have to be a sadist, live in your own little world, or a little lame in the brain. JK

actually its 2.....

Jeez. Thats sad. How old is there franchise?

pretty old i assuming, but as the rider fans say, this is the year for No.3, just like last year was.

Every year is a cup year for them.
I think they are as old the bombers. 75 years. Thats a cup every 37.5 years. We on the otehr hand eaverage one every 7.5 years or so. We've probably lost more cups then they've been in.

wbbfan obviously you know nothing about Nealon Greene. The best thing about Greene is that he hardly ever throughs ints. He threw 9 all year in 2003, 13 in 2002 2001 he threw 7 and 2000 he threw 6. He does not turn the ball over very often. If your gonna post on this site I suggest you get your facts straight. Or else don’t bother posting, you cellar dwellar.
Thats right no playoffs for you guys again this year.

No but I think Winnipeg has a higher percentage of stupid posters.

not on this site, and id hae to disagree with that statementr in whole.