Riders going into western semi-final

Our offense has to get back in sync, if we plan to return to the Grey Cup. Our QB's are having a severe problem reading defenses. Some good planning has to be in place between now and the west semi final. Get on your collective knees, Rider fans, and beg the football gods to have mercy on us!

We have zero problems moving the football with Bishop or Durant in there, but they need to make very few mistakes in the playoffs for us to have any chance. A pick or 2 is usually ok as long as we are putting points on the board but no more of these 3 or 4 interception games.

Amazing how times have changed in Riderville. We score 100 points in our last two games and everyone seems concerned about the offence.

Yeah, the 'riders just don't do it "pretty" enough from some people. Some people want to the 'riders to play football like some "pretty" russian male ballet dancer, but what we get is a team full of biker b-i-t-c-h-e-s.

When the 'riders make a mistake, sometimes the other teams take advantage of them. When the other team makes a mistake, it seems like the 'riders ALWAYS find ways to take advantage of them.

Fewer interceptions and better special team play would make us number one in the league. With them the 'riders are number 3 or possibly number 4, but with a shot now at the championship.

Any team will have it tough playing Montreal on Grey Cup Day in Montreal, so I think a Grey Cup victory is a bit of a stretch.

Who is so sure that Montreal is going to be the East representative for the Grey Cup? It may happen, but I won't be 100% sure until the East final is done!

Montreal was playing quite well this season. They are no means a shoe in for the Grey Cup. They have an 11 and 7 record. They played Hamilton 4 times, Toronto 3 times, Winnipeg 3 times. If they were a western team, they would have been tied with BC for third.

As for the East, I am cheering for Edmonton. West vs West grey cup held in Montreal. What's Better than that??

That may singlehandedly rekindle the separatist movement......

Montreal is a better team than 11 and 7, you need to remember they've essentially been playing meaningless games since labour day.

Not everyone is concerned about the offense, just the play of the QB's throwing an exorbent # of pics.