Riders Go RETRO


New retro Jerseys what do you all think?

I dig them.

So does this mean no more black jerseys? And those are alright.

They have said before they will not be keeping the black third jerseys.

I dig the Retros! All they need now to top is a retro helmet and they have the best 3rd jersey in the league!

League rules only allow a team to have 3 jerseys, so the black is out...as official jerseys at least.
If there is demand for them, the league likely doesn't care if they sell "unofficial" black jerseys.

Their not bad. I think if i was to get one i'd get Reed or Lancaster on it. Pretty cool. Deffinately better than the black ones. Nad we do need to wear retro helmets, or it'll just look weird.

Retro helmet decals would be very cool.

I noticed earlier this year that the Riders have gone back to the Austin era for uniform colors anyway - silver pants exclusively, with white tops on the road and green at home.

The retro look is okay as a novelty but i still prefer the look of the black uniforms for our third. Sometimes I think we go a little too far with this nostalgia thing.

As a third set, I always liked the green pants with white top look. The blacks are okay, but black on black is a stretch for a team known as the "Green and White".

I googled "rider retro jerseys" and found a link to ?dan pedersen's blog and saw a full picture of the shirts. I like them but they really are not a lot different than the all green we had before last year's new jerseys with the chunky black shoulder stripe.(which I do not like much)

also the new "s" on the sleeve is about 2 or 3 times smaller than it should be. I like this new look but unfortunately won't be shelling out 90 dollars to replace the all-green jersey I bought 2 years ago. maybe they will look better with numbers and lettering on them. I guess we will see on Sunday.

I agree, and i believe we go to far with the nostalgia thing because surprise surprise thats when we did alright... I like the black far better as a 3rd. As long as we only use it for special games like labour day.

I think they are a disappointment. Wrong shade of green (and shiny), loonie sized logo is too small etc..

Riders wearing Retro Jersey's will only look good if its complimented by the Old style "S" logo on the helmets.

It looked 10 times better with numbers on the uniforms IMO.

Apparently those are true to whatever year they are replicating....so all of the flaws, warts, whatever, were existent in the original uniforms - these aren't a "new" design.....