Riders get an ugly win

No game day thread started so here it is. Questionable call not to take the three points by Saskatchewan when deep in Edmonton territory. Edmonton stopped on the Rider goal line which leads to a Rider win. Sets up an exciting finish in the West.

Riders get a FUGLY win!!!!

Riders are not a contender right now.

Nope but they’ve helped solve the coaching situation in Edmonton :thup:

Well I think that was decided some weeks ago, but today may have been the nail in the coffin. Can we still trade for Ricky Ray?

Yeah, that wasn't pretty at all, it's looking more like either a rematch of last year or Stamps vs Ticats in Regina this year.

That was an awful display of football today, just awful.

Some of the stats are head shakers.

Edmonton took seven penalties before the Riders took their first. The ended the game with a 120 yards in penalties
Hugh Charles 21 yard rushing. Grant Shaw almost had more rushing yards than Charles, that would have been a first in the history of the league.

The Riders are not right. Something about the culture of the team has changed since the start of the season. i'm going to say right here, right now that the Dwight Anderson/Taj Smith situation has taken its toll on the team. Definitely something wrong. The other day Korey Sheets was quoted by Sask media as saying that if he hadn't missed the last couple of games he would be the undisputed rushing leader in the CFL. Wow. Talk about ego. But it's really good insight to the "me-first" attitude that is now obviously a part of the Rider game. Sorry, Saskatchewan, but your team is NOT going to be in the Grey Cup this year.

I think they just didn’t have the maturity to deal with their strong start, as you point out lots of selfish behavior and not just from Sheets. They just figured they were better than they were/are. Durant is not throwing the ball well either they might be hidding an injury in his case.

Right now Calgary is sailing like the USS Missouri anyway. It would be a huge upset for them to get knocked off.

That is probably an accurate statement by Sheets. He was a couple hundred yards up on Cornish before getting hurt. Thats not taking away anything from Cornish and the season he has had. He only made that comment because the Saskatchewan media has been playing that story up.

You’re absolutely correct that the Riders are a shell of what they were early in the season. But the suggestion that it’s due to the DA/Taj Smith arrests is incorrect. Yes, it was a distraction for a week or so but it’s so inconsequential to the struggles the team is having.

In reality, the Riders downfall started after the bye week. Squeaking out wins against down-and-out teams fooled quite a few people, but it’s pretty obvious when the Riders lost their swagger and direction. The idea that bringing in Alex Hall is somehow going right the ship in Riderville is laughable. That’s having a neighbour bring over a vacuum leaner when your house is on fire and engulfed in flames.

Anything’s possible in the CFL playoffs - - we saw that with the Argos last season. All it takes is getting hot at the right time and stringing together three wins. Realistically though, it`s going to take a firing or two for this team to get turned around.

Of course whenever I criticize coaching it becomes an emotional event for many, so if you want to believe the Rider struggles are all because of DA and Smith go right ahead. I`m sure some others will blame the refs, or blame the injuries or maybe even try to blame the cafeteria food.

As with more of my comments - - hear me now, believe me later.

I agree the coaching has not been great... but its also execution of the game plan... Durant holds onto the ball far too long, doesn't roll out, makes poor decisions at crucial times. Getzlaf dropped what could have been a TD... I also thought that the call on the goal line stand could have went the other way too... as far as I'm concered, the Riders didn't deserve the "W" today... you might be able to make those mistakes against the Eskimos or Bombers, but against any other team and its a loss.

I think it was more of a game where the Riders played down to the competition im sure its a little hard to get pumped up to play the Eskimos.

A team fighting for a home playoff date playing down to their opponent at home. So your saying they aren’t being “professional” about their business…

The only thing stopping Calgary is maybe peaking too early and not being sharp enough when the games matter again. But really, they should be the Grey Cup winner this year. In every phase of the game, they are superior, and the coaches are doing a marvelous job. Rick Campbell has made a believer out of me. I never thought he was anything except proof of nepotism in the CFL, but man, he has fielded a great defense. They remind me a bit of the 2009 Als that went 15-3. Depth all across the board, great coaching, and you only beat them if they beat themselves.

Calgary has looked far from unbeatable this season. This team could very easily be 10-5 as well.

LOL ! According to that logic the Riders could be 7-8

They could. Saskatchewan could also be 13-2 as well.

Calgary is a better team right now then Sasky. Unless Lulay is back soon, Sasky should finish in second and should win the western semi. Sasky plays well in Cowtown in the playoffs but Calgary looks tough at home, though beatable… Could have lost at home to BC this week. Overall I’d rather be in Calgarys shoes then Sasky right now.