Riders Gave this game away

the missed field goals and the fumble really hurt.

What a terrible call for the last play of the game as well

They also need a new QB.

Greene is only good for the 5 yard slant passes. When he throws deep he throws about 5 feet over the intended receivers head.

I don’t know if it was Toronto’s amazing offensive line, or a real poor Sask defense, but on some plays Allen had close to 7-10 seconds of time.

Overall the Riders played a good game.

The Riders may have played a decent game, and I’m a little more than ticked off that they lost, but any team that’s up 12 points and blows it like the Riders did deserve defeat. Kudos to the Argos - they made the plays when they mattered, and they jumped all over us at the end. They deserved the win, much as I hate to admit it.

thank you!

Put it this way, the Avery didn’t do the Argos an favours tonight, and McCallum didn’t do you any. Just a sloppy game all around my both teams. Greene did look impressive at times, and so did Corey Holmes. A buliding game the Riders. There back to being my second favourite team. See yah guys in Vancouver in November.

what do you say about Damon Allen…this guy gives me a a real hold on sporting life …like it ain’t over at 42…the run for first down was unreal, in the last minutes of the game…he looked like he had legs like a young kid named Michna and the savvy of a very experienced old NFL. QB…HOW DO YOU STOP THAT…what is this guy made of…whatever it is they should find out…bottle it and sell it…keep er going Damon…gawd forgive me cuz I ain’t no TO. fan. :!:

ALLEN , is the greatest…Q.B. in CFL/NFL history…and he still has , the GAME! :wink:

where are the game stats?

I can’t find them either

Just shows Ya you can dominate a game and lose it when you get tired or let down, T.O. should have lost, but in the good old CFL, you never know. BOO HOO.

as a rider fan i feel the team has more confidence with nealon in the huddle over burris, but…as EE stated, greene is always passing ‘at’ the receiver instead of ‘to’ the receiver. this is a cause for a minimum amount of yards gained. how may times were the receivers running their patterns and instead of nealon getting the ball in front of them he hits the ball to them to make them stop their motion or behind them! isn’t this elementary.

isn’t getting the ball in front of the receiver in motion an elementary quarterback technique?

I’m Surprised That No One Here Brought Up The Fact That For 45 Minutes Of The Game The 2004 Grey Cup Champions Were Being Dominated By Saskatchewans Backups. I Know That They Still Lost And That The Games Not Over Till The End Of The Forth Quarter, But The Argos Have A Better Team At Every Single Position Of Paper And Every Time These Two Teams Have Met In The Last Few Years The Argos Have Displayed That Fact.

because SASK…lost to a ARGO team , on an off night…

and we didn’t have one of our best recievers…BAKER, either.

SASK…missed 2 FGS…fumbled the ball at near the end of the game , they should have put away, at that point…but they gave the DEFENDING GREY CUP CHAMPS…the break they needed…

SASK…was tried…and they do not have that… KILLER INSTINCT.

GREAT TEAMS , find a way to win , even on an off night. :wink:

The Argos Are Notorious For Causing Turnovers, It Was Only A Matter Of Time. I Was Disapointed With The Argos Preformance Last Night, Mostly In The Secondary, Nealon Was Killing Us On The Flats On Every Play And It Took What Seemed Like Forever For The Team To Fix It. I Think After The First Half The Net Yards Was 300-133 For The Riders. That’s Horrible, And This Was With Kieth And Dominguez Out Of The Lineup.

WE didn’t have BAKER…and while the whole team had an off night…the fact that we came back to WIN…shows that the ARGOS have character…and can rise above adversity. :wink: