Riders Gameday Thread

I'd like it if someone would make this a sticky. A Gameday thread so we don't have to post a new thread every game.

The Roughriders were so impressive on Sunday, that it for some reason is difficult to predict what will happen this game.

The lions will want to come out Strong big time on Off. & Def., obviously.

The Riders have to still be pumped about that victory, eventhough I am sure they are very focused for the Leos Game.

McAllum will be facing a lot of noise. (IMO)

Dickenson isn't scared. But if he gets angry it could turn him towards a bad game. (i notice when he gets angry the lions dont do well.

The fans will be LOUD and REELING from the victory.

Coach Kent is probably more focused than anybody in the the two franchises that will be playing at Taylor Field on Friday.

Can someone make this a sticky, I can also expect a full house for this one, you'd think in what looks like the biggest game of the yeas.

Ouch, not a very good game at all. It is not the defence to blame, it is not the offence, it is both. Turnovers lead to touchdowns, simple.

And i thought the Riders were for real.. Dont get ne wrong theyre still a good football club but the lions are 3-0 and the best team in the CFL. the Riders are 2-1 but with calgary and edmonton playing horrible ( calgary ) and simply average ( edmonton ) the riders are poised for a playoff spot, just to get ousted by the lions in the west final ofcourse.

Too early for those types of predictions. The lions could go 3-15 and finish dead last ( just saying :wink: )

BC is a really good football team; in my opinion.

Saskatchewan is good as well, but on some old posts I predicted, before the season started, we would lose the first couple of games while we try to find or "flow" or "mojo".

It does not surprise me that a new offence could face a team like BC and be knocked a bit silly.

Without losing, there would be no on field, on camera, in game experience of how to lose a game.

We will win more games throughout the season. We will even beat BC one or twice or more, if possible.