Riders game this Sunday

Guys, this is our chance to beat the Gang Green. Durant is out with an injury, our defense is finally starting to step up, hopefully CJ Gable and Peter Dyakowski will be back in black and the “Rider Nation” advantage is going to be limited with capacity at only 18,000 (most being our season ticket holders).

Lets go out, support our guys and be loud and proud. From the second their QB starts talking in the huddle, to when he snaps the ball, lets make NOISE! Lets send a message to the rest of the CFL that Montreal was a fluke and put the West division on notice. We’ve been losing games by 7 or less, lets get out there and given them a Hamilton earfull for 4 quarters of football!

The 24 Hour rule of Bitching is now over !!

:thup: :thup: TiCats Nation BRING the NOISE on DEFENCE and we can Do This :rockin: :rockin:

i like our chances this Sunday. we can stop their run game which will make things real uncomfortable for the backup.

23-20 Cats

The Cats can win this. It won't be easy. They have shown they can play defense and at times offense. They just need to put it together for 4 quarters. Playing disciplined, non complacent football.

I sure hope you all are right :thup:

Oskie Wa Wa Forever!

TiCats Defence better be ready. They'll get a very, very, very healthy dose of West, Messam & Ford. That trio ran for 176 yards on 28 carries for a 6.28 yards per carry average.

Cortez is going to try and run the ball straight down Hamilton's throat and then run it some more and then to make a point run it some more!

This is what Saskatchewan does even when they have Darian Durant and even against teams that are stout up front. With a their 2nd stringer starting at pivot, and against a Hamilton Defence that they've dominated up front each and every time they've met in the recent past, you can be sure that they'll ground and pound it Sunday afternoon.

Look for Coach O to use 5-3-4 alignments especially on 1st downs. Look for them to even dress an additional dlineman for rotation. Laurent, Bulcke, perhaps Gaydosh as a 3 man NI interior on 1st downs with 2 imports at DE. They'll drop out Stephen and go with only 4 on the backend. Look for Butler cheating up into the box.

Other times I expect to see a 4-4-4 alignment with Bowman coming in to join Reed, Lawrence & Harris in the linebacking unit. Again, they'll drop Stephen out and divide the backend into quarters.

This'll be the toughest assignment that the TiCats Defense will face thus far this season and perhaps at all this year.

Taking Stephen out just may help the defence.

Offensively, the TiCats will need to use the Riders' aggressiveness & over-pursuit against them.

Keep working the screen game. Stay with it until they stop it.

Draws. Counters. Shovel passes. Bubble screens.

Saskatchewan will bring pressure. They'll blitz Brackenridge often. Gotta make 'em pay deep middle or wide when they blitz the safety.

The offensive tackles have to ride their DE's Chick & Foley around the horn and Collaros has to step up & make the throw. Interior line has to at least hold Terrius George at bay & not allow him to collapse the pocket with their DE's circling off the edge.

Misdirection. Make Chick & Foley respect the edge and play contain. Don't let them pin their ears back & rush the edge & run the the wheel.

Use draws & shovels & inside counters to keep their DT's at home respecting the inside.

Lastly, and I know this sounds a little "dirty" but one of the best ways at keeping a rush DE on his toes and his head on a swivel, is with the crack back block. AKA Nik Lewis. I'd really like to see one of Hamilton's receivers, most likely Grant or Fantuz come inside off their waggle and absolutely ear-hole Chick &/or Foley. That'll keep them in check! In fact I'd be tempted to dress LaMark Brown with specific orders to lay lay a little wood with a crack back that'd make us all jump out of our seats! Someone's gotta do it though.

The more I think about this ...

First offensive play ... Pistol formation of course ... have both Fantuz & Grant come inside on their waggle and lay hats on both Chick & Foley. Deep hand-off or off-tackle pitch to Madu/Gable. Second play ... Do it again ... Run play action or a RB wheel route or a roll to the strong side depending upon distance. But either way waggle Fantuz & Grant inside & let them know that the crack could be coming at anytime.

Set the tone. Set it early. Announce your presence with authority!

You should e-mail that to Austin and the OC, maybe they haven't thought of it............ :roll:

Good call on alignment...everyone talks about how Willy beat us last year as a back-up; well, having Pitt football shoved down our throats for so many years, even here in Philly, it was, and is, pretty plain to see that Sunseri does not equal Drew Willy...this is a game where we make an underprepared QB beat us, even if we have to play 8 in the box the whole game.

Good call on alignment...everyone talks about how Willy beat us last year as a back-up; well, having Pitt football shoved down our throats for so many years, even here in Philly, it was, and is, pretty plain to see that Sunseri does not equal Drew Willy...this is a game where we make an underprepared QB beat us, even if we have to play 8 in the box the whole game.

You forgot the part where the receivers mis-time their waggle and go offside. 1st and 15.

4-3 gap control. just drop the safety down to top of the "box" on 1st downs

our LB's will be busy. they better bring their A games and the lumber :rockin:

Didn't want to start a new thread on this but just plugging Supercrawl - http://www.supercrawl.ca - this weekend, a super Hamilton festival. The founder, Tim Potocic, whose grandfather, Polly Miocinovich, played for the Tiger Cats and Hamilton Tigers as I see in The Spec article below.

Tim Potocic: From Supercrawl founder to citizen of the year

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news-story/4240059-tim-potocic-from-supercrawl-founder-to-citizen-of-the-year/]http://www.thespec.com/news-story/42400 ... -the-year/[/url]

And Polly mentioned on a Packers history site:


We may have caught a bit of a break if Durant doesn't play on Sunday but the Cats need a Win big time and with nine games remaining the Cats must really turn the tide on the season even in the poor East division this year or they could be practicing for next season soon.

Montreal and Toronto are making a run at the right time and Hamilton better get on their horse and keep up or they will be out the door with Ottawa soon in the East and get bumped by a crossover team from the West.

The Cats should look at every game from here on in as a must Win or they are done or could be!!

I really like Fender's idea of using a bit of crackback blocking to take the edge off that SSK pass rush. Play that smash mouth football, run the ball, and get those d-linemen in chase position or else dealing with O-line run-blocks. Stretch the perimeter, then bang away inside. Zone-read them to death. Collaros is athletic enough to be a running threat and hopefully make the ends respect contain. And most importantly, stick with the run even if it's not working early on. Saskatchewan WANTS you to be a one-dimensional passing offence so they can just play two deep, man under all day long while Chick, George, and Foley destroy you upfront. As soon as you force those linebackers to stay in the box, passing lanes will open up in the intermediate and deep zones (particularly the intermediate middle and deep zone L/R). Condell also needs to call some deep shots. Open things up so that SSK can't sit on the underneath stuff.

Now with the Riders having to go to backup QB I think if we curb the penalties and play 60 solid minutes we can do it :thup:

Chris Schultz TSN/Schultz Vs the World:

Game 2 at the new Tim Hortons Field and should be a better one than the first one, a 13-12 Hamilton win over Toronto on Labour Day. The best play last week in Montreal for Hamilton was the screen pass to Mossis Madu out of Oklahoma and successful it was. Richie Hall will be ready for it as a defensive coordinator. Zack Collaros played well and Hamilton played a good first half against Montreal. But it was just a half. Overall the Riders have a better pass rush and better pass protection, and run offence and run defence. They are just the better team. In Week 1, the fourth game of a young CFL season saw a final score of Riders 31, Tiger-Cats 10. This one will be closer but with the same winner. Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Sask has been re-tooling and adding the necessary pieces to the puzzle for the past few years. Hamilton on the other hand have an inexperienced GM - player personnel director and I don't believe he has the correct pieces for the puzzle. If he continues to sit on his hands and not seek more talent kiss this season good bye. I can't fathom why there is NO rush ends from any of the NFL cuts at camp..........This may lead to Austin being a little bit over his head and wearing way to many hats.