Riders Free Agents

Okay...well, since that article had the full list...here it is.

DE Odell Willis

DE Tearrius George

DB Chris McKenzie

DB Eddie Russ

LB Tyron Brackenridge

LB Mike McCullough

OL Alex Krausnick-Groh

RT Pat Neufeld

WR Dallas Baker

WR Rob Bagg

WR Scott McHenry

LB Cory Huclack

LB Shomari Williams

SB Jordan Sisco

RB Brandon West

Any listing of the other teams FA?

Found 2 teams....

QB Reilly
OL Olafioye
OL Hameister
OL Newman
WR Gore
S Muamba
ST Yurichuk
LB Elimimian

DB Hefney
DB Beasley
DB Sears
DL Turner
DL Vega
DL Kashama
LB Bowman
WR Denmark
QB Goltz
RB Garrett
RB Volny

The Als potential free agents are:

Dwight Anderson CB Import
Brian Bratton WR Import
Anthony Calvillo QB Import
Dahrran Diedrick FB Non-import
Moton Hopkins DT Import
Chima Ihekwoaba DE Non-import
Kristian Matte OL Non-import
Adrian McPherson QB Import
Jeff Perrett T Non-import
Brandon Whitaker RB Import
Seth Williams DB Import
Andrew Woodruff OG Non-import


Let McKenzie walk and take a swing at Dwight Anderson or Johnathan Hefney, this team desperatly needs a shut down Corner we have Craig Butler and Eddie Russ emerging as our future Saftey and DB respectivly but after that it was a revolving door of Jackson, Maze, Harris etc. Sign Hefney, Anderson (who i'll be the first to admit is dirty) or Beasly and our secondary is looking scary. As for our #2 and 3 recievers I see Bratton and Gore resigning with their respective teams but if Taman can hook and bait Gore and we can get consistancy out of Carr and Getzlaf to go along with Dressler that too is a solid reciving core.

It is time for Butler to take over after being a western all star his rookie year Patrick was moved back to safety but Butler and Russ are a great core of young DBs to start with. also Butler being a NI will really bring alot more flexibility to other positions. Hefney being part of that swaggerville thing would be reformed to a great cover guy with Chamblain as HC.
Gore may even get some serious NFL interest. Spent his 2010 rookie season to last cuts in the NFL came to the CFL because he is Canadian he could get PT instead of sitting on practice squads. He is ready to explode as a receiver in whichever league he plays in as he has just been in the shadow of Simon and Bruce but is now a much better receiver than both.
The riders were looking great receiver wise untill Bagg went out for the season the losing streak began and the revolving door of recevers started. If he can return next year in great form add in hybrid Jock sanders and stability as well as ratio with Getz and Bagg make it a nice receiving corp. Lets see what Sisco who also spent his rookie season to last cuts in anNFL camp in 2010 and Bamba will need to get involved first his speed on special teams would make for him to be a great gunner on Punt coverage and also the possibility of returning kicks


No way the Riders should even consider signing Dwight Anderson, He is the biggest D-Bag in the whole CFL and is not in any way shape or form fit to play Rider football.. Hefney would be nice for his talent but he is also a head case and gets into a lot of fights and is constantly b.itching at the ref. Also remember we will likely have Milt Collins and Turenne back next year. So our CBs will look something like this

CB - Terrell Maze

HB - Eddie Russ

S - Craig Butler

HB - Milt Collins

CB - Wodney Turenne

Not to mention Macho Harris looked pretty good in the few games he played. I am not overly worried about CB's I am far more worried about D-line. You can have the best CBs in the world but if you can't get consistent pressure on the good QBs you won't win.

Chamblain has already gotten the reputation that if one of these troublesome players were to come the SASk that they know that kind of non sense will not be put up with like in the case of Odell Willis who the Mayor of Swaggerville but for the Riders you did not here much from him. It is the culture that the program in riderville is taking on. Hefney may want out of Winnipeg more so than Anderson would out of Montreal.

Brackenridge is a part of the new group of imports that are coming to the CFL. Brackenridge like sheets, Burnett in EDM watkins in Tor to name a few are setting the goal of staying in the NFL for three seasons as that is the minimum to be eligible to collect an NFL pension. Once the bouncing around starts the look to the CFL to continue their careers getting paid to play while building a second Pro football pension from the CFL.
More and More imports are a lot more familiar with the CFL now and making the move in there mid 20's after landing that NFL pension are more than happy to come to the CFL and continue their careers while adding another pension

Hefney is trying out for the NFL.

Here is the FAs I am aware of at this time. Would suspect a fuller list after New Year.

IM QB Mike Reilly
IM LB Solomon Elimimian
IM OT Jovan Olafioye
NI OL Jon Hameister Reis
NI OL Jesse Newman
NI WR Shawn Gore
NI S Cauchy Muamba
NI LB James Yurichuk

NI S Eric Fraser
NI K Rob Maver
NI DE Justin Phillips
NI DT Corey Mace
NI DT Brian Bulcke
NI OL Mark Dewitt
IM OT Stanley Bryant
IM WR Romby Bryant
IM WR Larry Taylor
IM DE Chris McCoy

Esks...They actually have a PILE of FAs, but here are the ones I can think of
IM LB JC Sherritt
IM DB Rod Williams
IM DB Weldon Brown
IM DB Chris Thompson
IM DE Marcus Howard
IM DE Justin Williams
NI S Donovan Alexander
...Esks got a lot of work to do w/o a GM!!

IM DB Dwight Anderson
IM DT Moten Hopkins
IM CB Seth Williams
IM QB Anthony Calvio
IM QB Adrain McPherson
IM WR Brian Bratton
IM RB Brandon Whitaker
NI DE Chima Ihekwoaba
NI FB Dahrran Diedrick
NI G Andrew Woodruff
NI G Kristian Matte
NI T Jeff Perrett

Argos: Pretty tight lipped on who FAs are other than 'there are about a half dozen potential FAs'
IM RB Chad Kackerr
NI DE Ricky Foley

IM DB Jonathan Hefney
IM DB Jonny Sears
IM DB Deon Beasly
IM DL Jason Vega
IM DL Bryant Turner
IM LB Marcellus Bowman
IM QB Justin Goltz
IM RB Chris Garrett
IM WR Clarence Denmark
NI RB Carl Volny
NI DL Fernand Kashama


Now granted nobody is unrestricted until Feb 15, but here are the names I would watch.

IM LB Solomon Elimimian (will he want out due to his reduced playing time? Will he hold out for a crack down south?)
NI WR Shawn Gore (I don't expect him to actually make FA)

NI K Rob Maver (Riders are likely looking for a kicker right)
NI DT Corey Mace (I could see him playing the FA Market)

IM LB JC Sherritt (I would think at least trying the NFL.)
IM DE Marcus Howard (I don't expect him to actually make FA)

IM DB Dwight Anderson (Like him or hate him, he gets the job done. I don't like him, but this is a business)
IM WR Brian Bratton (I believe will be overlooked and undervalues, and end up signing for too little with the Als).

Argos: Pretty tight lipped on who FAs are other than 'there are about a half dozen potential FAs'
IM RB Chad Kackerr (you know he is their #1 priority...will he test FA? Does he have a realistic chance in the NFL with his size?)
NI DE Ricky Foley (I can see him testing the waters. I believe he will be available.)

Bombers have a lot of defensive FAs, and sorry, but I believe at least a few people will want out of Mack's grasps...the guy is a total mess. I would love to see Sears sign on.
IM DB Jonathan Hefney
IM DB Jonny Sears
IM DB Deon Beasly
IM DL Jason Vega
IM DL Bryant Turner
IM LB Marcellus Bowman
IM WR Clarence Denmark

I honestly could see Elimimian in green, especially if Brackenridge wants to take a shot down south.
I can see one of the Bomber secondary guys coming over if McKenzie is dropped.
The nice thing with the Riders FA list is you can sit on Hawkins and McKenzie unsigned, because there is not going to be a lineup. You will be able to sign them later if you want. Personally, I would dump Hawkins either way. Veikune has earned a shot!

The name that caught my eye on the FA list is James Yurichuck. I can only go by what the BC coaching staff has said and from his performance last year in the games he started at MLB but he is said to now be at a starters level MLB in the CFL. Was a 1st round draft pick entering his 5th season so this is his time and has outgrown the back up role. This will never happen in BC with Bighill in front of him. He earned his PT last season on his MLB skills not to do with any Ratio. I would expect that a team looking for a MLB in his prime would be hot for Yurichuk. Being a Non import is just a plus. There are only so many starting MLB jobs in the CFL but at 26 i would think that a team such as Toronto with Robert McCune being about 33 and entering his 10th season of pro football that Yurichuck may be a great addition to set the MLB position for the next 3-5 years to go along with the Ricky Ray Window in building a perenieal Grey Cup contender.
Marco O Brouillette of Montreal is also now entering his 4th season and also has become of a starters grade but after his 3rd season with Montreal did not see his name on the FA list so the Als were smart to have extended his contract having he and Shea Emery the Als have 2 starting MLBs and being a non import is just icing on the cake.
Yurichuk just a name that caught my eye that will be looking for a starting spot and starters money and deserves it but can only get that if he leaves BC

Another priority is to extend Mr. Craif Butler. He's in his option now and they should lock him down. He could turn into a Fantuz type decision?

Another FA nobody talks about is Huckluck. As a snapper for field goals and punts I think he's on Taman's radar.

Everyone is focused on Nuefeld, Odell, Brackenridge...............but the above two are up there.

I agree it is time for Butler to take over at Safety and make it a NI position. He was a West All Star in his rookie year in 2011 when Patrick went to SAM but Patrick's numbers and PT were on the way down last year it is just time to make it official for Butler and lock him in. They had Newman and Woldu on the roster last year as special teamers mostly but Newman could also move to the back up Safety spot or even Woldu it they decide to keep him to keep it a NI spot.
Hucklack not so sure if Chamblain was that impressed with him as Jay Alford did a lot of long snapping as well

I believe Alford did the field goal and PAT snapping, and Hucklack did the punt snapping. I wouldn't be surprised to see a new NI long snapper brought in for next year, whether through the draft, or maybe Alford starts doing both.

[url=http://blogs.leaderpost.com/2012/12/05/cfls-2013-free-agent-list/]http://blogs.leaderpost.com/2012/12/05/ ... gent-list/[/url]

Full FA list by McCormick is in the link above.

Vanstone made an interesting point…Romby Bryant was brought into the CFL via Taman…gotta wonder if there might be some mutual desire to talk. I really hadn’t thought of Bryant going Green, but who knows. That would be an amazing bolstering to the O.

Vanstone made an interesting point...Romby Bryant was brought into the CFL via Taman...gotta wonder if there might be some mutual desire to talk. I really hadn't thought of Bryant going Green, but who knows. That would be an amazing bolstering to the O. You wanna do something to solidify the O...that is the move to make!

IMO this club would benefit most from, in order (and this is assuming they re-sign their key FAs):

1 - A solid rush end tandem...Willis may be one half of that...need something on the other end, and a DL coach (hey, Sweet is gone)
There are a lot of solid DEs available...I anticipate to see a Bomber come over. I think the Mack issue has boiled to a frenzy and some people are going to want out...Taman...well they know him. Don't be shocked when you see 3 Bomber FAs wearing Green.

2 - That one sure handed WR

  • Shawn Gore (NI) - I would go hard after Gore if he makes FA
  • Romby Bryant
  • Spencer Watt (NI)
  • Larry Taylor

3 - 1 more DB...and I think Collins is the man.
Standout Potential FAs

  • Dwight Anderson (I dislike his game play, but he gets it done)
  • Geoff Tisdale
  • Jonathan Hefney
  • Cauchy Muamba
  • Deon Deasly
  • Rod Williams

4 - Another LB (the guy they relied on to bring in LB for the last 16 seasons is now gone!)
Standout Potential FAs (I would honestly look at drafts / imports first)

  • Solomon Elimimian

5 - insurance for Sanders (I think they may have it in Moss)

  • Chad Kackert
  • Brandon Whitaker

Nice wish list. For receivers getting Gore would be a major score for the Riders. Another DB is needed for sure but with Butler most likley moving into the safety spot Muamba would not be needed. They may have the inside track on one of the BBs cover DBs.
At MLB overlooked in BC was James Yurichuk. At 26 he is ready to hit his prime and ready to be a starter. Spencer Watt may be available but is still questionable as a starter but would be an upgrade from Mchenry as a NI receiver. Watt could on the other hand may be ready to have a bust out year and be a great deep threat.

I think Taman and Chamblain will focus on Canadian free agents and hit up some other NFL experienced free agents in adding imports.

They need to have the receiving corp set coming out of camp this year. The injury to Bagg really started a domino affected and spent half the season trying out receivers.

it is not a wishlist...it is a list of players I think they would/should most keep tabs on if they enter free agency. you are obviously not signing them all. if they managed to get a couple of them that would be great.