Riders Free Agents

As per Murray McCormick, nine FA's and could be more.

DE - Willis
DE - George
LB - Brackenridge
LB - McCullough
DB - McKenzie
DB - Russ
OL - Krausnick-Groh
OT - Neulfeld
WR - Baker

I imagine almost all of those will be re-signed (other than Baker).

In order of importance:

Brackenridge (unless he trys out in the NFL again)

McCullough is likely a given as he has made Regina his home.

I would switch McKenzie and Neufeld, and other than that, I can agree, although the signing of Willis and/or George is very important.

Order of importance IMO

DE - Willis - He has been our only consistent pass rusher all year and they were double teaming him the majority of the time.
LB - Brackenridge - Arguably our best defensive player all year long.
DB - Russ - Best coverage guy all year long. He gave up the fewest plays, and the only time I noticed him was when he was doing something good.
OT - Neulfeld - Good Canadian guy and part of an O-line I'd like to keep together.
LB - McCullough - Good Canadian veteran!
OL - Krausnick-Groh - Canadian, good backup and can play center if Picard goes down.
DE - George - Ehh could really care less.. He is a hothead and wasn't overly impressive this year.

Let them go
DB - McKenzie - After Graham left our secondary this year, most of our big plays where given up by McKenzie, don't want to see him back.
WR - Baker - Bad attitude, really not need for him.

[url=http://blogs.leaderpost.com/2012/11/15/the-all-taman-riders-report/]http://blogs.leaderpost.com/2012/11/15/ ... rs-report/[/url]

The full list of free agents are listed in the link above...[George suspended for opening game in 2013.

Willis talked a lot and pumped up the room, but he sure didn't get 13 sacks... I think the energy he brings is great, but I think we should have a chance to get him in here for a pretty reasonable price.

Chris McKenzie gave up on that touchdown. A little effort and he could have knocked Bryant out of bounds before he got to the endzone.

Not interested in seeing him signed again as this was just one of many reasons not to bring him back.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it was Maze who got beat on the touchdown to begin with (x2). Can't really fault McKenzie for trying to give his offense a chance.

If you watched him though he was double teamed all season. Had we had another consistent DE, or DT he would have had a better year. Sadly our D-Line as a whole was once more ineffective for the most part. Willis was kept in check because he was are only really threat to the QB. Shologan wasn't really anywhere to be seen this year, Hawkins has proven to be a bust. George is inconsistent at the best of times, and between Alford, Veikune and Mick Williams I sure didn't see a lot of pressure.

Willis may not be John Chick, but he is the best DE we have had since.

So you would have rather had McKenzie push him out of bounds at say the ten and then give the Stamps a chance to run the clock down to nothing and kick the winning field goal? It was the right play to let him score on that play once they were easily in field goal range.

Be realistic about McKenzie chasing Romby. At best Romby is out of bounds between the 1-3 yard lines? He's a fast guy! If McKenzie gets there you have to hold him and hope for a FG to tie. But either way the clock runs down and the offense won;t get a second shot.

Free agents:

Pat Neufled #1
Ty Brack #2
Odell #3

I hope they sign all of them except Dallas Baker. He is 30-31 and in a speed position he'll not even be offered a contract. Turns out to be a miserable trade from Taman giving up Cdn draft choice for Baker. All because we've been desperate for those 4th and 5 th receivers for 2 seasons now.

I remain firm that Picard might get released. Neufled, Heenan, Best and Alex Krausnik could be considered for centre? I don't know assignmennts for the players.............but down the stetch run Picard and Labatte dissapointed!

I also need to see what is out there

Dallas Baker has been released by the Rigers.ref. CFL transactions of November 17,2012.


DE - Willis
Well, Willis has been adamantly quoted that riderville is home if nothing pans out in the NFL. He did not exactly have the best stats of his career, and depending on what happened with the arrest he had just preseason, I would think his odds of making it in the NFL are minimal.

[url=http://www.newstalk650.com/story/riders-face-tough-decisions-regarding-free-agents/83557]http://www.newstalk650.com/story/riders ... ents/83557[/url]

LB - Brackenridge
I believe if he had another season under his belt he would be NFL bound. I can see him maybe getting a shot...I believe he will be back. I see this as the club's number 1 concern for FAs.

LB - McCullough
Has said he doesn't see himself playing elsewhere...either Riderville or retirement. Seems like a safe re-signing.

DB - Russ
Has he plateaued? I don't know...but as a first year starter, he played well. I don't think he will get a pile of serious looks, and is, IMO, a resign.

OT - Neulfeld
local guy and just hitting prime...this is a big FA. he is going to get some serious looks from the Esks. I see this as the clubs #2 FA concern.

OL - Krausnick-Groh
Love to see him back...don't believe he will sign. A NI...he wants to play. Someone will give him that chance.

DE - George
He is an alright player. As an import, will he be around? there might be a lot of upgrades around, but attitude goes a long way, and I believe because of his he will be one of the first re-signs. The coaches love this guy, and he is the most team first guy out there. Changing his mass and taking on any responsibility the club has thrown his way. best player...no...best attitude...yes. But hey...the Bombers alone have Vega and Turner as FAs

As much as I love T-Brack I think his NFL days are over...


Depop. You think Esks want a crack at Neufeld. I guess you could be right but we need to see who their GM is. Tillman was big fan of solid O-line with Cdn's. He fullfilled this mandate. His line is very young and Cdn. They have two high drafts hanging around NFL and if this ever changes their stable of young lineman looks awesome?

BC thinks they will lose two Cdn O-lineman to ongoing knee issues? Therefore, Neufeld and Krausnick will be on radar for sure. Montreal has two starting O-lineman entering FA as well. We're not the only team with FA's.

Like I said I hope we get them all back.

Brackenridge..................he will get NFL looks and tryouts. Whether its an offer or not we'll see? But we'll have to wait all winter for Brack to re-sign.

Same for Odell. Odell will get a few looks and we'll have to wait forever for him to sign. The problem with this is both these guys will be open market to other CFL teams. But Riders have built a good place and I like our chances with our free agents.

I want to see the list of all CFL FA's.............I guess this comes after grey cup.

I’m not sure why people think Brackenridge will get looks in the NFL. He was already there, it didn’t pan out and now as a 28 year old I just don’t see him getting another chance. Especially now that he is acclimated to playing LB, after playing corner down south.

Brackenridge and Russ are definate priorities as they both were awsome on D. From the NI OLine side Neufeld took his game to another level that i do not think anyone expected. His ability to play RT gives them a solid Oline 4 NIs and import T is great for the Ratio and having Heenan they have 6 starters really. McCullough a vet Canadian MLB is aleays good to have and Krausnick-Groh solid back up. They have moved past Baker and for the DLineman the lack of pressure ad sacks was a problem so who knows what plans the Riders have for those positions.

I heard that Rob Bagg is also a Free Agent. Can anyone confirm this?

Injury to Bagg again this season really showed in the passing game. If he did not get hurt so early in the season they would have not had to go through that period of rec tryouts that engulphed the entire middle part of the season. If he is a free agent he may not get much interest due to his injury problems which would be great for the riders if he could come back healthy and play like he did the first few games.

[url=http://blogs.leaderpost.com/2012/11/15/the-all-taman-riders-report/]http://blogs.leaderpost.com/2012/11/15/ ... rs-report/[/url]

Full list is in the link above, yes Bagg is a FA.....same link that I posted in the fifth post of this thread.