riders free agents

does anyone know whu the free agents for the riders will be at the end of this season?? thanks

Paul McCallum -K
Elijah Thurman - R
Trevis Smith - MLB
Jason French - R
Mike Mcullough - LB
Walter Spencer-Roinson - LB
Karston Bailey - R

A pretty short list actually
There are about 16 players who are in there going into their option years as well

Dam it Billy do you know who this guy is it is Brendon Taman! Finally looking for players.

I wouldn't be so sure about Trevis Smith being free next season.

I say you resign...

Walter Spencer
Mike Mcullough
Paul M - despite what people think he can still kick

The rest i dun care much for. Although I'm sure they'll get french too...

You have to sign Thurmon, he was our only 1000 yard receiver, and we cannot afford to get any worse at that position.

do you guys know who any big names free agents are in the league?

there has to be a place to get this info. if theres not somebody should create
somewhere we can go and get this kind of info.