Riders first pick?

Who do you think the Riders should take with their first pick? There are two guys that I think would be beneficial to the Riders. First off I don’t think Dylan Barker will be available when it comes to the Riders first pick. If for some reason he is available the Riders should snap him up without hesitation. The other needs the Riders may want to address are an aging Chris Szarka and maybe a good Canadian d-lineman. Keith Shologan out of Central Florida has good size and would be a good fit with the Riders behind Shultz. This guy will go quickly though. If the Riders can’t land either of these guys they should go after Rolly Lumbala, a full-back out of Idaho. This guy has great size for a full-back (6’2", 241 lbs) and is a great blocker. Would be a great replacement for an aging Szarka. As much as I like Neal Hughes I don’t think he’ll ever be the starting fullback. I don’t know if either of these guys will get NFL looks but I’m sure they’d be good picks for the Riders. Any other thoughts?

With Szarka getting old Lumbala might be a good pick. Question for any Huskies fans. How good is Barker?

Do we really need a fullback? Now? Really?


A "good Canadian d-lineman"? Really? Are you sure?

By referencing to Arash Madani's article, I think that pic would be better spent on a skilled linebacker with good sounding potential.

I may just be saying this cuz I read Madani's article but Shea Emry sounds like the man for the job.

I guess we will see.