Riders fined

Like the “taxi squads” that the Eskimos used for years by having 4 or 5 players put numbered vests of their jerseys on special team plays? You can find different teams who have “cheated” at various points over the years… its all much ado about nothing… and the way some have been carrying on, one would think that the Riders committed an act of terrorism… there is no use crying about it now… time to move one… but some just want to Rider bash, and this was their chance to do it… :roll: :roll:

The harshest critic of the team's conduct in this thread so far is myself - a Rider fan.

My post so far has been completely ignored.

Which just goes to show that no one is really that interested in an intelligent discussion of the topic. They just want to bash. So bash away and keep your audience geared to the 'morons' that you supposedly DON'T want to talk to. You know the ones in the convenient little discalimer 'some fans' which still let's you cast a rather large comfortable blanket, because it's always comforting to believe that the enemy is ruder, stupider and far less deserving than yourself.

It's your choice. If you come here to argue with whiners to justify your own 'classiness' then why do you bitch when you get what you ask for?

So do we want a thread about how to stop the Riders (or any other teams) from doing this in the future? Or do we just want to point out how many more asshats like the Riders than any other teams?

Why do some Rider fans seem to think that things that happened pre-SMS make it okay to break rules now.

And all teams had players wear vests with a different number at one time for special teams but then the league changed the rules about number restrictions on ST plays.

Prairiedog, I don't think people were ignoring your other post - they most likely agreed with it.

I read your original post, and agreed with it, and FWIW I am NOT interested in tarring all Rider fans with the same brush. But I do agree with Hfx that it's particularly galling to see a team that complained for years about not being able to compete with richer teams now routinely breaking rules to gain a competitive advantage because they have the cash.

In any case, I believe you make the strongest case here: it's not the competitive advantage that's the issue so much as it is players being taken advantage of. It's a very very slippery slope and once you have one extra camp it becomes a given to attend and any player who doesn't attend is going to get blackballed. Players are part of a union, and the union mandates that these extra workouts can't happen in the current collective agreement. These aren't millionaires, guys, these are low-paid, hard-working folk busting their tails for a chance to play pro football. Most of 'em will never make good coin for any length of time in the CFL but they're coming to these camps and trying. Don't abuse that trust, don't take advantage of them, even if your team can afford the lousy $5k fine. They're not horsemeat, they're people with lives and dreams and families to support.

Every team can afford it. But only the Riders using it to cheat. Fact.

I could see how it can become abuse but this isn't my issue with this one. Its kind of like if Trestman said to Calvillo. Anthony we have some receivers we'd like you to work out, get your opinion and see what you think . Would you mind spending a couple days in Florida and checking them out ?

One I think most top earners vets would gladly do it and what happens is that you've pre-screened guys and this allows you to spend more time at the other mini-camp with the guys that made the cut and that in turn allows you to have better and more ready guys at training camp. It has a domino effect. So one one hand you limit teams with stability of making roster cuts and additions during camp and with the other you use the extra camp these stable teams have allowed because you have a new HC to screw them back.

It is unquantifiable what that edge gets the Riders but if is one point in an important game it becomes huge and Cohon has no power to remedy the situation...

You are being overly dramatic. Fact.
You are a troll. Fact.

You know, for those who are whining about this, the next time you have a traffic violation, tell the cop that you deserve a couple of days in jail, plus double the amount of the fine... :expressionless:

You're assuming that the penalty for violating the SMS is commensurate with the offense, as it is when you have a traffic violation. But it isn't commensurate, not even close. Three issues here:

  1. The Riders violated the rules and a not-inconsiderable portion of their fanbase somehow thinks it's okay.

  2. The fine for such an offense is an absolute joke.

  3. The offender in this case was a team that complained for years about not being able to keep up with the league's big spenders.

He does not like facts. He's upset that his team is being exposed as cheaters again... So all he has is calling me a troll and that its no big deal. There is a pattern for five years now of this team being disrespecting the rules. The cumulative offenses are what bothers me and the fact that the majority of their fans as shown in my above post think its smart...

Worse yet is the excuse:

"It was just one of those unfortunate things," said Riders general manager Brendan Taman. "The mini-camp era is sort of new to us because we haven't done it before."
This is the second year that mini-camps have been allowed. The rules are pretty simple - one mini-camp that vets can attend - not two, just one. Seems like another counting issue in Saskatchewan. :wink:

...which raises the question, what is worse?:

a) Taman not reading and understanding the rules,or,
b) Taman knowing yet disregarding the rules

...I'd say a) because b) is just plain old cheating whereas a) is being an idiot...

...this did happen to the stamps aways back, can't rememebr when, and they were fined too...I also think they were abysmal at the time, maybe there is a pattern there for this sort of thing?...

Guy has been in the league for ten years. Rules are straight forward. Guess he learned to spin from his old boss Tillman.

Excellent post.

None of us personally can control how our team spends, although I can only ever recall one other fan other than myself on a forum (A Montreal fan) criticize his own team for overspending, and the Riders and Als can hardkly be the only teams to overspend the capin the past 6 or 7 years. And I wont kid myself that the SMS has any transparency whatsoever or is even ultimately really enforceable, but that is not the issue here.

Like you say, the real issue (which we agree on) is teams taking advantage of players to work them over the offseason. This has NOTHING to do with the salary cap. Just like the Alouettes taping opposing signals a few years back. Even if that is 'cheating' it has NOTHING to do with the salary cap.

5k is not a deterrent. That should be the point of this thread.

There are a lot of posts in this thread of fans quite delighted that the Riders got a 5k slap on the wrist. Well the Riders get the last laugh, because 5k is nothing to even the poorest team in this league. Even the Gliebermans could write that check without bouncing it. If a team now wants to contravene the CBA and hold a 'voluntary' (nudge-nudge-wink-wink) mini camp in April, all they have to do is pay the league $5000. Are you all STILL satisfied that the big bad evil Riders got slapped on the wrist so you can bash their fanbase one more time rather than actually face the issue?

If the Riders can hold a weekend mini camp in April and get a small edge, what's to stop Wally Buono or Jim Barker from having a whole week of full contact one on ones in February and get an even bigger edge?


Like d&p says, VERY slippery slope. THAT is the issue.

And again, I do applaud the league for doing SOMETHING this time when usually they sit on their thumbs just to pull them out and smell them on matters of discipline, but if the teams start making this a habit, the penalty HAS to be more. MUCH more.

That was me. I was against Jim holding both positions. If enough fans hold their team accountable goes a long way in how they conduct business.

No, it was definitely NOT you. It was on a completely different site, approx 5 years ago.

Heh, it was NOT you. Nice try though. 8)

Taman is totally clueless, just like a couple of the green posters here. Really, why do you guys always make excuses when your team gets caught cheating? It's becoming a pattern. The financial amount has nothing to do with it, as it's the principle that counts. Anyone who thinks that the other teams in the league can't afford the 5k fine or can't afford to ignore the salary cap, you're dreaming. They respect the rules because they know theres a reason why theyve been implemented.

Having said that, most rider fans in this thread have been totally reasonable.

He's not clueless. That is letting him off the hook. He knew what he was doing. It is clear that veterans can not participate in two mini-camps. If you invite a player at two of them, you know your breaking the rules and he knew it.

I am not buying this :

It was on our website and everything,’’ Taman said. “(Durant) was long gone by the time I got there and the camp, per se, started. He went down there to throw to the coaches. Half of them can’t catch.’’

And Goodspeed went down to do One on Ones against Chamblin :wink:

This is even more troubleing. What the hel l was the Winnipeg receivieving core doing at a Rider mini camp. Oh yeh, Disguising themselves again to try and steal the other teams plays. IIRC we've seen that one before from the little Winnipeg Angels. But rest assured there HFX and Blueblood. The Riders have guaranteed it's being handled internally. :lol:

:thup: :thup: hahaha I forgot about Winnipegs little "Spygate" :P what was the punishment for that again? Oh right... [url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/cfl-slaps-blue-for-spygate-coach-kelly-refuses-comment-on-scouting-scandal-50931832.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 31832.html[/url]

"Bombers scolded for use of 'rogue agent,' but escape fine or discipline from league"

Now you tell me what was the "slap on the wrist" :roll:

Cry me a river... a lot of fans are just wanting to be melodramatic... the sad fact is HfxTC is that you always will be , and always have been , a troll. Again, its much ado about nothing... some fans want to make a big deal out this, but in reality, its not really a big deal... if you really want that to change, then you need more prevention.... such as a bigger fine, but as you have seen , the CFL really has no authority when it comes to discipline... just ask Mr. Jimenez about that...