Riders fined

From TSN:

But shortly afterwards, the CFL fined the Riders $5,000 for staging an unsanctioned workout.

The CFL penalized the Riders for having veterans take part in an unsanctioned off-season workout in Florida last month.


They were under the salary cap so they had to find a new way to cheat. :wink:

Not a big deal, the Rider Store brings in about twice as much in 4 hours :lol:

Riders were one of the teams that voted for the new rule to limit roster moves during training camp... Rider org has been cheating forever. The hypocrisy coming from that team is constant. No wonder Cohon fined them.

At least they have a city and province behind them to win the nation's national football Grey Cup trophy and championship I will say compared with the pathetic few who really care about the Argos in a city that has what 3 times as many people as Saskatchewan? Good on the Green Rider Green Machine out there even though I want to beat their arse every time the Cats play them. :wink:

5 and 13 Meh...

What does that have to do with breaking the rules?

hey, if breaking the rules only costs $5,000 then go for it! get the edge .. :smiley:

one should always try to respect and obey all the rules, even if there is no penalty.

There are rules for this. Players NEED an off season. If they don't have rules for this then THERE ARE coaches out there who WILL work their players 12 months a year. NFL has had major problems controlling this over the years. Jerry Glanville was notorious for having 'voluntary' spring camps, but of course if you didn't volunteer, you went into the doghouse or were cut.

The fine should be bigger in my opinion. I know it was only 3 days or something, a month before TC, but it's a huge slippery slope. Off season means off season. Players need it. Just the fact that someone in this thread has already mentioned, 5 grand? Small price to pay. He's right. I'm sure Taman and Hopson knew they'd get a 5k wrist slap and did it anyways. That tells me that the fine should be BIGGER, like 2k per player per day, so 3 vets for 3 days = 2k x 9 or 18k. 10 vets for 2 days= 2k x 20 or 40k. THAT will make them think twice.

And they should be payable to the players association. That way, the possible breach of CBA would make the league take it more seriously.

However I AM glad to see the league act at all. I have to give kudos for that.


It is. That is a perfect example of why Rider fans are seen as hypocrite by some of us.

Not all Rider fans, though. Most SSK fans that I've met are classy folk and good sports about the game of football, besides being passionate supporters of their team and the league. But the attitude expressed above -- I'll defend anything my team does, right or wrong -- is just an echo of the equally moronic "my country right or wrong."

Hfxtc it sounds like you have some outstanding personal issues with Rider fans, I'm pretty sure cflisbest was joking as was I about the Rider store joke. The Riders screwed up paid the fine and won't do it again. To go on this rant of hypocrisy is stupid and your not making very many friends around here.

Also thank you disciplineandpunish

I'm sure someone said the same thing after the Riders first violation of SMS rules. And, once again, there have been a number of "it's just the cost of doing business" type posts by some Rider fans at various forums.

Sad really, when the people in charge of the organization just snub their noses at the rules, even small ones.

Pot calling the kettle black... :roll:

Of course there are some very nice Rider fans. But just like when players say or do something it reflects on their team when fans do or say things it reflects on their fanbase. English soccer fans are seen as hooligans because of this. It is so widely accepted that most of their teams aren't allowed to play inter league games in some European countries.

Here are just a few posts grabbed from one thread on ONE of their fan sites.


ES! Haha

Seriously? 5k? This board could raise that and would consider it money well spent

Maybe the Riders interpreted it the same way as the league and chose to incur the fine anyways?

I can hear the office conversation now... "Wait, it only costs us an extra 5Gs to find out how many of our players are gamers and to give our veterans a headstart on the new playbook?"

Just because they chose to incur the fine, doesn't mean that they don't care about the fine. It just means that they cared more about winning and giving their veterans a head start on the new offensive and defensive philosophies than they did about the money.

Using money as the final determinant for a decision gets you the 90s. Doing what it takes to win regardless of the costs gets you the 00s and specifically the latter half. I prefer the latter.

No big deal.

If the fine is only 5K.....we should have run a few more.....LOL.

You ain't tryin if you ain't cheatin.
Just confusion... This makes the league look bad, not our team. They need to work on clarity and communication, its not like we hid this.
Money well spent.
$5000.00 is peanuts compared to the benefits of having the vets there. 5 thou work out to how much per vet that was there? $500.00 each???
Cost of doin business
Yeah, $5000 is chump change for Hopson and Riders.
A $5000 fine is laughable.
This is the same fan base that cried for years that they could not compete because of wealthy owners. So these wealthy owners agreed to all these rules to make them happy in spite of all the grief and privacy issues to their business and since then it has been nothing but problems and now they are mocking the league and Cohon. It is what it is. It isn't me that has issues...

Oh ffs.... what a whiner you are! Oh the Riders are "cheating" by going over the salary cap... or for having some vets work out for 2 or 3 days... IIRC, didn't some Stampeders do virtually the same thing a few years back? You are just a basher and a troll HfxTC... doesn't the forum have enough of those? :roll:

Rules are rules. They don't exist so teams can break them. They're meant to be followed. Breaking a rule only reflects poorly on Saskatchewan. Who cares if we're whiners, at least OUR teams play fair.

It is a sport. The Riders have been disciplined over and over again for their unfair business practices. I personally don't agree with the SMS and I think teams should be allowed to manage their money, time and expenses but Riders pushed for a lot of these rules. Follow them or get ride of them.

There is a competitive advantage to seeing what kind of chemistry your have between your starting QB and your prospects and that is what the Riders did. They cheated to get that competitive edge and the commish is made to look like a clown with his 5k fine.