Riders Fight Song

We're mostly unemployed or have left the promised land, go Riders.

We drink crappy beer that no other province can sell, go Riders.

We love to go to Calgary and run naked on the their field, go Riders.

Troy Westwood called us a bunch of inbred, banjo strumming hicks, go Riders.

We're not sophisticated enough to know that a watermelon is for eating, go Riders.

But most importantly of all we paint ourselves green to demonstrate our envy of the Lions the supreme team of the CFL, go Riders.

You do understand the idea behind a fight song, right? Good try, but maybe try to follow the generally accepted format next time...

Turkey - 1
Swervin - 0

I like it!

Hey gimme a break, I tried to find the original Riders fight song to alter but after 30 seconds on the Riders website I started to feel ill.

I know you can't spend 5 seconds using google because you are from BC. But here you Swervin

Green is the Color Football is the Game

Mikey found a use for google wow. By the way Mike what is your prediction for the game. Be honest a bit scared right. Swervin great song. Mikey would like you to record it for his marriage to Sambo. (kidding)
Mike is a true proud Rider fan and a good one at that.

Not wanting to start an argument on whos first, but what year did that song come in?

I remember the Soccer team White Caps use that same song....

"White is the Colour Soccer is the game......."

Not wanting to start an argument on whos first, but what year did that song come in?
Well Sporty you started one! :D

The story in Vancouver ( and one that has probably never been told in Sask.) is that it was the song for the WhiteCaps for the 70s. Do you remember a BCTV sports anchor named Ron Manz? He left Vancouver broadcasting for a front office job with the Riders in the early 80s. Purely a coincidence but that season was the debut of Rider Fan waving green pom poms while a canned version (hear that Turkey?) of Green is the Colour played over the PA.

Wow, stealing someone else's fight song, playing it over a PA. What was that you were saying about BC Place, Turkey? :smiley:

As "Green is the colour" isn't the Rider fight song, who cares.
And yes, we did steal our fight song--from an American college, decades ago.

"On Roughriders, on Roughriders...."

And here is what we will be singing this weekend.

"We love to play the Stampeders, they are a bloody joke.
And when we play the Stampeders we'll see Hank Burris choke!

Calgary, Calgarah.
Calgary, Calgarah hah hah hah.
We'll see Hank Burris choke!"

I have more verses if you want them...

In terms of a prediction RW05, I suspect it will be a riders win. I am hoping it is a good game in terms of back and fourth play.

But would not be disappointed with the Burris tanking like he did last year.

I don't think the riders will be taking Calgary lightly.

However, Burris and boys can still bring it. Would I be surprised if they won no. As I have stated previously any one of the three times could easily represent the West.


You do realize the fans eat the insides of the inside of the watermelons before they put them on their heads, don't you? Please don't tell me you actually eat the whole thing. :slight_smile:

Wow... that was... really, really lame.

Made a minor change for you. :wink:

Frank or Hank....pass the jug of chocitinis...

There's also "Saskatchewan Tough" I think that one's from either the 60s or 70s, but I could be mistaken.

I think "Saskatchewan Tough" was a Reuban Berry concept, so mid 80s.
Unless he just revived it?

Anyway, I am dissappointed no one asked, but here you go anyway....

"We love to play the Stampeders, they cannot run or pass (gas).
And when we play the Stampeders we'll kick their bloody ass!

Calgary, Calgarah.
Calgary, Calgarah hah hah hah.
We'll kick their bloody ass!"

The fact that someone would put a watermelon on one's head say's something about one's intelligence.