Riders favour shift in CFL schedule

Makes sense to me.

Yea, bumping up the schedule a couple weeks or whatever could prove beneficial and I certainly can't comprehend any harm. But I'm sure someone will find a reason to complain, like the Labor Day Classic falls to late in the season schedule, lol.

While I'm in favour of the schedule moving forward, the Labour Day timing does alter how the 'feel' of the season unfolds. It's the beginning of the final 3rd of the season and sets the stage somewhat for who can take a run at playoffs. This always helps the rivalries who square off that weekend.

That being said I don't think it would negatively affect LD game attendance.

Moving the schedule will have to be done in stages over 2 - 3 seasons - IMHO

Other than moving the schedule to start 1 week earlier, due to an extra 'bye' week - nothing can be done for next year. Grey Cup dates already set in Edmonton.

I say move it up 1 - 2 weeks every year and see how it goes. By 2020 / 2021 the Grey Cup can be played in the first Sunday of November.

That's how I would do it. Baby steps until the final result isn't so dramatic. As a watcher of both leagues, another month of football a year is priceless.

Totally agree

Only downside is that November is traditionally playoff month and they kinda have the spotlight at the moment

I’m happy with the 2018 schedule. There are ONLY 2 games on a NFL Sunday in the entire schedule before playoffs. 2 bye weeks in an 18 game schedule gives the injury list a chance to heal, as well.
Riders play first 5 against the east. I like that. BC Lions play more home games in the back half that give them a chance to attract more walk ups. Argos are playing mostly on Saturdays. Their best chance to succeed. Just to need to market but thats another thread.
It’s now the time for TSN to rebrand Friday Night Football and take it up a notch.

Yeh works for me.
I've always maintained the CFL season was too short and should/could start earlier in the Spring.