Riders Fans Whine Too Much

The Riders fans seem to always be the biggest whiners in the CFL. Not really sure why but my goodness, when they lose they fill up all the boards with whiney comments, when they get fined they whine, when they they win they whine, when someone says the sky is blue and its a nice day out they whine.

What gives?

We like to give others something to whine about.

Stop picking on us you meany. Everybody is so mean to us. I'm gonna tell on you.

Hey Swervin - one thing we are happy about in Riderville is that you aren't one of us.

LOL, nice one jmo2. But it's not really fair of you to start a battle of wits, when your opponent is shooting blanks. :wink:

I know, Rocky...it really isn't fair to pick on people with obvious deficiencies, but sometimes the urge is just too great to resist...

Swervin.. Where did you go!! haha

he's just more upset now cause we're 10-5

Its called passion, ask a Montreal Canadians fan what its all about. Dont fret, you'll find some in your life eventually.


Well the new license plates coming out next year will say

"Saskatchewan Whine country"

Swervin is thanking god as we speak.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: blanks never heard that one before! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Montreal Canadian fans might be upset being compared to a Rider fan.

KL strikes again...four in a row, huh? Not whining, just observing...

Leave Kel alone. He is a good guy.

Yep, Kel's a decent guy...so it's a good thing it's not him I'm referring to.

REally ok I hope your brother is a nice guy.

I have no brothers, and I highly doubt you and I are related in any way, shape, or form.

Oh how cute a nickname thanks JM02 I must be special to you. Wow who would have thought I am a teachers pet.

lol - special...yeah...sure...we can go with special...